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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR June 27, 2020 at 11:43 am

Paul Plante says:

With respect to the serious existential question posed to each and every one of us as American citizens in the original post of this thread, regardless of skin color, or so one would think, anyway, with all of us regardless of skin color supposedly being equal to each other, that being “(I)t’s important to know the difference between what you want to be true and what actually is,” in the Democrat-controlled sanctuary city of Albany, New York, the Mollycoddling Democrat Mayor, Kathy Sheehan, spent good taxpayer money that could have gone to other purposes having her Department of General Services paint “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on the pavement of Lark Street in the “white” part of Albany, Lark Street being Albany’s equivalent of Rodeo Drive in tony Beverly Hills, California, a shopping district famous for designer label and haute couture fashion.

The irony here is several fold, starting with the fact that the upscale white folks the message on the pavement being driven over by the Porsches and BMW’s and Mercedes is apparently intended for, as if they might somehow think or believe otherwise, when there is a break in the traffic, can stand there and listen to the crackle of gunfire coming from over in the “black” part of Albany, where the black folks murdering each other, as they do in so many places in America today, Chicago coming immediately to mind, are proving on a daily basis that to the black folks who spend their time murdering each other, black lives DO NOT matter at all.

Here we read in the Albany, New York Times Union article entitled “Hawkins: Small group responsible for Albany violence – Police chief says Thursday that they know who perpetrators are” by Steve Hughes updated June 26, 2020, about the Mollycoddling Democrat Mayor who had “BLACK LIVES MATTER” painted on Lark Street at taxpayer expense holding a press conference after five black people were shot, two fatally, on Wednesday, by other black folks, with an elderly black woman being in critical conditions after being struck in the neck in a drive-by shooting on Quail Street, and a black man also being injured in that shooting and a 16-year-old black person being injured in a separate shooting on Clinton Street, and since June 18, 25 black people have been shot in the city by other black people, and sixty black people have been shot so far this year in the city and eight have been killed by other black people, including four within the last week, and not a single word was heard from the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” crowd in Albany, who only recently had rioted in Albany because of George Floyd.


Why, when it is the black folks killing other black folks, does this “BLACK LIVES MATTER” crowd stay silent?

And where on earth is the Reverend Al Sharpton when these black-on-black killings are taking place?

Is it because that “BLACK LIVES MATTER” slogan being screeched at us by the rioters and looters and the Al Sharptons of the world is really just a bunch of BULL**** to the black folks in America who spend their time killing each other as their national past time, because to them, black lives really don’t matter, at all?

Seems so to me, anyway.

How about you, Kathy Sheehan?

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR June 28, 2020 at 4:59 pm

Paul Plante says :

As to how many people belong to or believe in “BLACK LIVES MATTER” as a modern political movement, which according to their own website is a “movement” waging an ongoing fight to end State-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever, on June 12, 2020, a Pew Research Center article entitled “Amid Protests, Majorities Across Racial and Ethnic Groups Express Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement” by Kim Parker, Juliana Menasce Horowitz and Monica Anderson, informed us as follows concerning who supports the “movement” by BLM to “liberate” Black people from somebody apparently holding them either hostage or as slaves, and to end white supremacy forever, by violence and genocide, if necessary, to wit:

The Black Lives Matter movement, which is back in the headlines amid the nationwide protests, receives wide support.

Two-thirds of U.S. adults say they support the movement, with 38% saying they strongly support it.

This sentiment is particularly strong among black Americans, although majorities of white (60%), Hispanic (77%) and Asian (75%) Americans express at least some support.

About one-in-ten among black (10%), Hispanic (9%) and Asian (10%) adults say they have attended a protest, compared with 5% of white adults.

end quotes

Interesting statistics when one stops to consider the nature of the “fight” BLM says it is waging to end State-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever.

“Liberate” Black people from what, exactly?

The self-imposed shackles of ignorance they labor under?

The on-going cycles of black-on-black gun violence?

And what about ending “white supremacy” forever?

White supremacy at what?

NBA basketball?

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR June 29, 2020 at 10:34 am

Paul Plante says:

Getting back to the history of the treasonous Democrat party of Nancy Pelosi being the most enduring symbol of slavery we have in this nation, bar none, the Compromise of 1850 admitted California as a free state, left open the possibility of slavery in the territories of New Mexico and Utah, abolished the slave trade in the District of Columbia, and created a stronger fugitive slave law.

Anxious to build a transcontinental railroad from Chicago to the West Coast, Senator Douglas introduced the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 to organize those territories for statehood.

To meet the objections of Southerners who were promoting a southern route for the railroad, the act opened the territories for settlement, but provided that the settlers, through “popular sovereignty,” could allow or prohibit slavery.

This undermined the 1820 Missouri Compromise and further inflamed the passions in the North and the South.

Both slaveholders and abolitionists flooded into the new territories to influence votes on state constitutions.

Communities erupted into violence in what became known as “Bleeding Kansas.”

Ah, yes, “Bleeding Kansas!”

For those who might have forgotten, “Bleeding Kansas” was a mini civil war between pro- and anti-slavery forces that occurred in Kansas from 1856 to 1865.

When I was taught this basic American history when I was young, it was for the purpose of making us understand just how fragile “civilization” really is, and we were supposed to know this history of where we have been in this nation so as to not REPEAT IT!

Following the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854, thousands of Northerners and Southerners came to the newly created Kansas Territory, and many Northerners intended to prevent slavery at all costs.

Thereafter between roughly 1855 and 1859, Kansans engaged in a violent guerrilla war between pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces in the event known as Bleeding Kansas which significantly shaped American politics and contributed to the coming of the Civil War.

In May 1856 Senator Charles Sumner, a fiery abolitionist from Massachusetts, delivered a five-hour oration in the Senate Chamber entitled “The Crime Against Kansas.”

Sumner’s inflammatory speech was a harsh indictment of those who supported the spread of slavery and attacked several senators by name, including Andrew Butler of South Carolina.

For the record, Andrew Pickens Butler (November 18, 1796 – May 25, 1857) was a United States Senator from South Carolina who was appointed to the United States Senate in 1846 as a States’ Rights Democrat and elected thereafter to finish the term ending in 1849, and who was an ardent advocate of slavery.

On May 22, 1856, Preston Brooks — a member of the House of Representatives and Senator Butler’s relative — retaliated.

After the Senate had adjourned for the day, Brooks approached Sumner at his desk in the Senate Chamber and repeatedly struck him on the head with his heavy walking stick, breaking the wooden cane into pieces.

Badly injured by the attack, Sumner was able to appear in the Senate only intermittently over the next three years, as he slowly recovered.

His empty desk became visible evidence that legislative compromise could no longer settle the emotional and divisive issue of slavery in the territories.

Preston Smith Brooks (August 5, 1819 – January 27, 1857), the attacker of Sumner was a Democrat who was a strong advocate of slavery and states’ rights.

Came the presidential election of 1860 which Abraham Lincoln won on November 6, 1860.

Four days later, on November 10, 1860, Senator James Chesnut of South Carolina resigned his Senate seat.

While the ditzy Nancy Pelosi has us focused on the issue of treason, James Chesnut Jr. (January 18, 1815 – February 1, 1885), a lawyer prominent in South Carolina state politics, served as a Democratic senator in 1858-60.

On Lincoln’s election in 1860, Chesnut resigned from the U.S. Senate and took part in the South Carolina secession convention, later helping to draft the Confederate States Constitution.

He then served as a Deputy from South Carolina to the Provisional Congress of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1862, and he also served as a senior officer of the Confederate States Army in the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War.

As an aide to General P.G.T. Beauregard, Chesnut, the Democrat, ordered the firing on Fort Sumter and served at First Manassas.

Later he was aide to Jefferson Davis and promoted to Brigadier-General.

The day after Chesnut left the United States Senate, his fellow South Carolinian, Senator James Hammond, submitted his own resignation and turned his attention to establishing the Confederacy, which he pledged to support “with all the strength I have.”

James Henry Hammond (November 15, 1807 – November 13, 1864), another Democrat, was best known during his lifetime as an outspoken defender of slavery and states’ rights, who was considered one of the major spokesmen in favor of slavery in the years before the American Civil War.

Acquiring property through marriage, Hammond ultimately owned 22 square miles, several plantations and houses, and more than 300 slaves.

One of Democrat Hammond’s famous quotes was as follows:

“I repudiate, as ridiculously absurd, that much lauded but nowhere accredited dogma of Mr. Jefferson that ‘all men are born equal.'”

So yes, people, since Nancy Pelosi has chosen to re-open this ugly chapter of American history in her bid to further divide us going into the November elections, as I say, in the United States of America today, no more enduring symbol of slavery have we than they, the DEMOCRAT party of Nancy Pelosi!

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR June 29, 2020 at 6:40 pm

Paul Plante says:

So, besides the important question of what really is “Black Lives Matter,” the more important question is who really is “Black Lives Matter?”

As we saw above, on its website, “BLACK LIVES MATTER” claims that they or it is a “movement” waging an ongoing fight to end State-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever.

So exactly who out there is it that is advocating an end to white supremacy forever?

The answer is – outside of the howling, screaming, looting and burning mobs, we do not have a clue!

All we know is that somewhere, somebody is plotting the demise of white people here in the United States of America as if because of having skin that is white, they do not have a right to protection of law in America.

We are told “BLACK LIVES MATTER” is a “movement” waging an ongoing fight to end State-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever.

So who exactly is it that they are waging this fight against?

And how?

Besides violence and looting and burning, that is.

Now, if we go back to what is supposed to be the official website of Black Lives Matter, we learn that the Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada.

So according to that, the sole purpose of the Black Lives Matter Foundation is to raise money through charitable donations for the following purposes, to wit:

…, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.

end quotes


Do they mean Anti-Fa?

Getting back to the mission:

By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives.

We are expansive.

We are a collective of liberators who believe in an inclusive and spacious movement.

We also believe that in order to win and bring as many people with us along the way, we must move beyond the narrow nationalism that is all too prevalent in Black communities.

end quotes

And there, they just said a mouthful with that statement about moving beyond the narrow nationalism that is all too prevalent in Black communities here in America!

One must wonder, given the Civil War has been over for ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE (155) years now, and the slaves have been free since Juneteenth, in what century they will begin to do that.

Getting back to the fundraising pitch:

We must ensure we are building a movement that brings all of us to the front.

We affirm the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum.

end quotes

Black lives along the gender spectrum?

How many genders do the black folks have then?

For white people, it is only just two.

Getting back to the fundraising pitch once more, we have:

Our network centers those who have been marginalized within Black liberation movements.

We are working for a world where Black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise.

We affirm our humanity, our contributions to this society, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression.

The call for Black lives to matter is a rallying cry for ALL Black lives striving for liberation.

end quotes

So get out that checkbook, people, and keep that money flowing in and some day, in some way, thanks to you and your generosity, good things will happen and you’ll feel real good about yourself, as a result!

Which thought takes us to the website Charity Navigator, where we learn that on December 2, 2019, it came to the attention of Charity Navigator that Black Lives Matter Foundation is the subject of a Cease and Desist by The Office of the Attorney General of California.

This charity has received a Moderate Concern Advisory from Charity Navigator due to an open or pending investigation regarding allegations of possible illegal activity, improper conduct, organizational mismanagement, or other matters of concern.

end quotes

Uh, nothing to see here, people, everybody back into your basements and don’t forget to keep your masks on!

And here is where things related to exactly who this BLM crowd really are become quite murky, as we see from an NPR article entitled “A Company That Profits Off Of The Black Lives Matter Movement” on June 16, 2020, Heard on All Things Considered, to wit:


NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Buzzfeed News reporter Ryan Mac about an organization that is profiting off of the Black Lives Matter name.

MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: Many people have been moved by the recent protests against police brutality – moved to join in, to demonstrate and to donate.

Among the recipients of people’s charity – the Black Lives Matter Foundation.

It has raised several million dollars in recent weeks in the form of small gifts from individuals, also well-intentioned employees of big corporations, including Apple and Microsoft.

Here’s the rub.

The Black Lives Matter Foundation is not connected in any way with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Reporter Ryan Mac has been trying to untangle this for BuzzFeed News.


RYAN MAC: How’s it going?

KELLY: Well.

Thank you.

So the Black Lives Matter Foundation sure sounds like it would be tied to the movement.

If it’s not, tell us what it is.

MAC: You’d think so – right? – with a name like that.

It’s actually a foundation that’s based out of Santa Clarita, Calif., that has one paid employee and whose professed goal is actually to create unity between the community and the police, which is kind of an antithetical message, I guess, if you consider what the current Black Lives Matter movement is pushing for right now.

KELLY: And how much money are we talking about that has rolled in?

MAC: It’s a little unclear.

There’s dozens of giving platforms out there.

You mentioned companies.

They often use these platforms to raise money from employees and match.

And so one of those platforms, Benevity, told us that they had accumulated about $4 million worth of donations between May 31 and June 5, which, to their credit, they froze.

They noticed the issue a couple of days before we contacted them, and they froze it.

And so that money actually never was sent.

KELLY: When you go and search on some of these platforms where you can give, it comes up.

It’s a registered, legit charity.

MAC: It is, yeah.

It’s a registered 501(c)(3).

It’s been around since – 2015, I believe, is when it was registered, shortly or a couple of years after the origination of the Black Lives Matter movement.

KELLY: So I want to understand what’s going on here.

You obviously did, too.

You reached out, and you spoke with the founder, the one registered employee of the Black Lives Matter Foundation.

Who is he?

What does he say about this?

MAC: Yeah, so my colleague Brianna Sacks actually made the call to this man named Robert Ray Barnes.

And he is a 67-year-old music producer who, I guess, lives in Santa Clarita, and he’s a African American man.

He has been affected by things, including, apparently, the LAPD killing of his wife’s ex-husband.

And he started this foundation to kind of build relationships between communities and police.

And so he has this large mission statement of things that he wants to do.

He wants to, for example, have annual dinners with cops, and he wants to have community-funded, like, coffee meetings with cops.

KELLY: So there have not been coffee meetings?

There have not been dinners?

MAC: From what we could find and from what he told us, no.

There’s been kind of no expenditure of the money towards that kind of relationship-building that he wants.

It’s kind of all just a figurative plan.

KELLY: When you reached out to leaders from the Black Lives Matter movement, what do they say about this?

What do they say about the foundation?

MAC: They told us – I mean, it was a short statement, but they said they’re two completely separate organizations, that Barnes’ foundation has nothing to do with them.

They also mentioned that the Santa Clarita group is improperly using their name, that they intended to call them out and follow up.

KELLY: For people who gave to the foundation and they didn’t mean to – they were trying to give to the broader movement – do they have any recourse?

Can they get their money back?

MAC: So these platforms are now saying that they’re going to work with some of these donors to redirect the funds if they were incorrectly sent or incorrectly raised for the Black Lives Matter Foundation.

And so they’re giving people the option to either give to the Black Lives Matter movement’s charitable partner, which is something called Thousand Currents, or other racial justice charities or funds.

KELLY: And does the foundation – does Barnes say he will give any of this money back?

MAC: He thinks that it’s a rare occurrence that the money that was sent to him was a mistake, and so he hasn’t committed either way.

KELLY: That is Ryan Mac, a reporter for BuzzFeed News.

Thanks so much.

MAC: Thanks for having me.

end quotes

And as Sonny and Cher once said – the BEAT goes on!

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR June 30, 2020 at 10:59 am

Paul Plante says:

With respect to BLM using pack violence, like animals, as an intimidation tool, clearing a path for a radical future, buttressed by an unwavering sense of moral superiority that entitles them to smack down any dissent, usually gagging people in the name of “free speech,” nothing captures that spirit so much as an article in the Hearst Publication the Albany, New York Times Union entitled “Bumpy’s employees walk out amid protest against alleged racist operator – Hundreds rally against ice cream shop owner’s alleged racist text messages” by Cayla Harris on June 28, 2020, where we have as follows concerning the benighted ignorance and sheer stupidity that is engulfing America, to wit:

SCHENECTADY – More than 200 people gathered on Sunday outside Bumpy’s Polar Freeze, a popular ice cream parlor, to rally against store owner David Elmendorf, who allegedly sent text messages using racial slurs and saying he doesn’t hire black people.

end quotes

Note the word “allegedly,” because today, facts do not matter, and focus in further on the words “saying he doesn’t hire black people,” because that obviously false and quite stupid, based on the actual facts, allegation will be front and center in a few more sentences.

Getting back to the demonstration outside Bumpy’s, we have:

The demonstration was peaceful and passionate, with protesters blocking part of State Street in front of the restaurant for more than two hours.

end quotes

I love this kind of stuff the media throws at us, as if we were all mindless idiots and morons in this country.

It so happens that State St. in Schenectady that this mindless mob of howlers and chanters took over and blocked for over two hours, as if it were theirs to control, because they are morons, is what used to be known in more sane and rational times in America before these mindless mobs took over as a “public thoroughfare,” which term used to mean a street, highway or road owned or controlled by the state or a political subdivision, devoted to public use and supported and maintained by public funds.

In more sane and rational times in America, obstructing a highway or other public thoroughfare used to be classed as a misdemeanor, and with good reason, as follows:

A. A person commits obstructing a highway or other public thoroughfare if the person, alone or with other persons, does any of the following:

1. Having no legal privilege to do so, recklessly interferes with the passage of any highway or public thoroughfare by creating an unreasonable inconvenience or hazard.

end quotes

As we enter this period of mindlessness and lawlessness and mob rule we are descending into here in America, once the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free, and now the land of the grossly stupid and violent, legal privilege now means having enough people in your mob to defy authority.

Getting back to the Bumpy’s protest:

The protest culminated in the shop shutting down for the evening around 6:15 p.m. – three hours earlier than usual – and three employees walking out, saying they’d quit.

There were at least five employees inside Bumpy’s Sunday afternoon, and by the end of the event, three had walked out.

All were black men.

end quotes


The dude who allegedly doesn’t hire black people had three black people working for him while the mob of mindless idiots were out blocking a public thoroughfare to protest Bumpy’s not hiring black people were howling at the moon and chanting mindless slogans?

Yes, people, that is exactly how stupid this nation has become.

Getting back to the story, we have:

“We set this up today … to eradicate white supremacy in our home.”

end quotes


Eradicate white supremacy?

By shutting down an ice cream stand where three black people were working?

Getting back to the mindless spew of ignorance from this crowd of mindless thugs and idiots and morons protesting “white supremacy” at Bumpy’s Ice Cream Parlor in Schenectady, New York, we have:

“There’s no space for it here,” said organizer Mikayla Foster, 21, who was born and raised in Schenectady.

“It looks a lot of different ways.”

“I think people get it confused, that the only thing we’re fighting against is police brutality, but that’s not the case.”

“We’re fighting against every system that is set to discredit us, disenfranchise us, dismantle us as a people.”

end quotes

Uh, um, okay, right, right, yup, ayuh, we see what you are saying, now don’t hit us with that club you are swinging around looking to bash someone’s head in with.

As an aside, where do these morons come up with lame lines like that to spew mindlessly to the media which mindlessly writes them down and regurgitates them for public consumption, as if this organizer Mikayla Foster had actually said something intelligent?

Getting back to the huge Bumpy’s protest, we have:

Foster, who works with the community organizing group All of Us, led the crowd for much of the protest, kicking off the event by directing a group of roughly 75 people who had shown up at 4 p.m. from a side road to the sidewalks in front of Bumpy’s and much of State Street, blocking traffic.

Within an hour, more than 200 people had arrived with signs ranging from “Shut racists down” to “Be kind.”

They chanted and danced together in front of the shop.

end quotes

Tribalism in action in America!

Getting back to it once more:

“We are active and ready to move forward against oppression, against black and brown people dying, against white supremacy – the same white supremacy you see at Bumpy’s over here today,” Foster said at the start of the protest.

end quotes

Yeah, right, Mikayla – whatever you say has to be the truth for the single reason that you said it as the mob leader!

Continuing right along here:

“They have been operating on systems of racism and oppression for years now.”

end quotes

Selling ice cream in Schenectady, New York is now a “system of racism and oppression?”

And moving right along, we have:

“It’s a damn shame, because they didn’t know that Schenectady came with heat like this.”

“So, today, what the (expletive) we’re going to do is shut it the (expletive) down.”

The group did what was promised – at least for Sunday.

The protest gradually moved from the street to the lot directly outside the ice cream parlor, as demonstrators held a sit-in in front of the venue for about an hour.

As attendees inched closer to the shop around 5:15 p.m., some protesters started collecting money for the employees, saying they would buy them out of working for the restaurant.

end quotes

This is rich, is it not – these idiots protesting Bumpy’s collecting money to buy these black employees with, as if they were actually slaves, or players for the NBA, which raises the serious question of exactly what kind of “educational” system produces morons like these.

Getting back to that aspect of the story, we have:

Attendees raised at least $270 for each of the men who left and promised to help them find new jobs.

end quotes

Okay, so, how is that going to happen?

Is the howling mindless mob going to use violence to force some other business to have to hire these black people who walked off their jobs at Bumpy’s because the mob told them Bumpy’s was racist because it didn’t hire black people?

What kind of warped and twisted mind does it take to work out that kind of illogic?

Which takes us back to the mindless madness outside Bumpy’s, to wit:

One of the workers, Shameil McCoy, was wearing a Bumpy’s shirt – and took it off as protesters cheered.

Some demonstrators later jumped on it and threw it in the pool next to the establishment.

end quotes

Now, there is a real statement being made alright – jump on that Bumpy’s shirt laying on the ground because there weren’t any American flags around for the mob to burn, which brings us back for more, to wit:

Organizer Khalifa Jackson, 27, of the group BLX, said Sunday’s protest was just the first step in taking down a number of businesses in local communities “that are built on the foundation of white supremacy and are allowed to thrive in these environments.”

“I think we had a really good turnout today,” Jackson said.

“A lot of people are very passionate here, so of course emotions run high.”

“We’re very frustrated, we’re tired at the end of the day – but I feel like we definitely maintained our initial purpose and mission, which was to shed light on what is going on in this establishment and bringing the community together to remind them just how much we’re worth and how much our lives are valued.”

end quotes

The future is now, people!

So who will this mindless mob of Marxist slogan spouters go after next, given that the mass protest outside Bumpy’s on Sunday’s was just the first step in taking down a number of businesses in local communities “that are built on the foundation of white supremacy and are allowed to thrive in these environments?”

For that answer, all I can say is stay tuned, because once a howling mob gets itself all fired up with the righteousness of its cause, like the Maoist Red Guards in China, and begins to stampede, as this organizer Khalifa Jackson of the group BLX, is promising, there is no end in sight to the violence they will use to force their views on everyone around, in the name of democracy, of course, which makes their violence politically acceptable.

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR June 30, 2020 at 6:51 pm

Paul Plante says :

We older Americans who were required to know the history of the nation we were preparing to be a part of cannot hear the name of Democrat James Henry Hammond, who publicly repudiated, as ridiculously absurd, that much lauded but nowhere accredited dogma of Mr. Jefferson that ‘all men are born equal,’” without recalling the “Mudsill theory” of the Democrats, which political theory is the proposition that there must be, and always has been, a lower class or underclass for the upper classes and the rest of society to rest upon.

That in fact is the basis of DEMOCRACY – the need to have a majority, which automatically means there has to be a minority, because equality does not exist in a democracy.

As we learned in high school, and as Wikipedia informs us today, the Mudsill theory was first articulated by South Carolina Democrat and Senator/Governor James Henry Hammond, a wealthy southern plantation owner, in a Senate speech on March 4, 1858, to justify what he saw as the willingness of the lower classes and the duty of non-whites to perform menial work which enabled the higher classes to move civilization forward.

Efforts to reduce class or racial inequality, under this theory, inevitably run counter to civilization itself.

Many saw the argument as a weak justification for exploitation and a flimsy example of creating science to reference as proof.

end quotes

But that is what Democrats do – create BULL**** science theories like Hillary Clinton in 2016 saying that people with white skin were afflicted with a mental disorder Hillary labeled as “Implicit Bias,” which required treatment by the state in special facilities to cure it.

Although an obvious flaw lied in that there are no indications as to which class or race rightfully belongs to the mudsill other than the pre-supposed regional groups that were already in place at the “bottom,” thus causing a circular argument, nonetheless, it was directly used to advocate slavery in the rhetoric of other Democrats, who were struggling to maintain their grip on the Southern economy.

The Democrats saw the abolition of slavery as a threat to their powerful new Southern market that revolved almost entirely around the plantation system, which was furthered by the use of primarily-African slaves but also used destitute whites.

Interestingly, those and other colloquialisms were used as Democrat rhetoric in what has been dubbed “the Marxism of the Master-Class” which fought for the rights of the propertied elite against what were perceived as threats from the abolitionists, lower classes and non-whites to gain higher standards of living.

So yes, Nancy Pelosi, since you have chosen to re-open this ugly chapter of American history in your bid to further divide us going into the November elections, as I say, in the United States of America today, no more enduring symbol of slavery have we than they, the DEMOCRAT party of Nancy Pelosi!

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR July 1, 2020 at 10:45 am

Paul Plante says:

And it is an interesting coincidence that as this series about the Democrats being the most enduring symbol of slavery and racism we have here in the United States of America is running here in the Cape Charles Mirror, at the same time, USA TODAY ran an article entitled “Fact check: Democratic Party did not found the KKK, did not start the Civil War” by somebody named Devon Link, listed as a Fact-Check Intern on their website, on 30 JUNE 2020 wherein is stated as follows:

The claim:

The Democratic Party started the Civil War to preserve slavery and later the KKK.

As America marks a month of protests against systemic racism and many people draw comparisons between current events and the civil rights movement, an oversimplified trope about the Democratic Party’s racist past has been resurrected online.

“Friendly reminder that if you support the Democrat Party, you support the party that founded the KKK and start a civil war to keep their slaves,” claims an image of a tweet Instagram user @snowflake.tears shared on June on 19.

Many Instagram users read between the lines for the tweet’s implication about the modern Democratic and Republican parties.

end quotes

It is notable that USA TODAY turns to Instagram for its intellectual content, because as everyone knows, that site and TWITTER are where the Literati and Intelligentsia of the United States of America congregate today.

And from there, USA TODAY takes us to here, to wit:

Historians agree that although factions of the Democratic Party did majorly contribute to the Civil War’s start and KKK’s founding, it is inaccurate to say the party is responsible for either.

Princeton University Edwards Professor of American History Tera Hunter told USA TODAY this trope is a fallback argument used to discredit current Democratic Party policies.

“At the core of the effort to discredit the current Democratic Party is the refusal to accept the realignment of the party structure in the mid-20th century,” Hunt said.

In September 2019, NPR host Shereen Marisol Maraji called the claim, “one of the most well-worn clapbacks in modern American politics.”

Comedian Trevor Noah tackled the misleading trope on an episode of “The Daily Show” in March 2016, after two CNN contributors debated the topic.

“Every time I go onto Facebook I see these things: ‘Did you know the Democrats are the real racist party and did you know the Republicans freed the slaves?’” Noah joked.

“A lot of people like to skip over the fact that when it comes to race relations, historically, Republicans and Democrats switched positions.”

A similar meme attributing the claim to U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson has been circulating social media since November 2016.

“Who started the KKK?”

“That was Democrats.”

“Who was the party of slavery?”

“Who was the party of Jim Crow and segregation?”

“Who opposed the Civil Rights Movement?”

“Who opposed voting rights?”

“It was all the Democrats,” the meme reads.

Other posts making more specific claims about the Democratic Party starting the Civil War or founding the KKK continue to circulate.

This trope was rated false by PolitiFact and the Associated Press in October 2018.

end quotes

Which serves as an indication that whoever PolitiFact is, they never bothered to learn American history or to check their own facts, and the Associated Press is playing a mind game with us of having us believe that they as a “news-gathering organization” are possessed of a very sharp scalpel that can separate “THE DEMOCRAT PARTY” from the actual humans who comprise the Democrat party, so that in some undefined way, the Democrat party has a totally separate existence from those who actually comprise the party, which then serves to give the Democrat party a completely unblemished record unrelated to either slavery or racism, which of course, is totally bogus, because if we go to Wikipedia under the heading “Party Leader,” we have as follows:

The President becomes the de facto leader of the party they represent once elected, and the Vice President likewise holds a leadership role as both the second-highest executive officer as well as being the President of the Senate.

end quotes

Given that, when he was president, Democrat Andrew Johnson was the leader of the Democrat Party, and as to his feelings as head of the party concerning the black folks having the right to vote, this is what he stated to the nation in his State of the Union for 1867 on 3 December 1867, to wit:

It is manifestly and avowedly the object of these laws to confer upon Negroes the privilege of voting and to disfranchise such a number of white citizens as will give the former a clear majority at all elections in the Southern States.

This, to the minds of some persons, is so important that a violation of the Constitution is justified as a means of bringing it about.

The morality is always false which excuses a wrong because it proposes to accomplish a desirable end.

We are not permitted to do evil that good may come.

But in this case the end itself is evil, as well as the means.

The subjugation of the States to Negro domination would be worse than the military despotism under which they are now suffering.

It was believed beforehand that the people would endure any amount of military oppression for any length of time rather than degrade themselves by subjection to the Negro race.

Therefore they have been left without a choice.

Negro suffrage was established by act of Congress, and the military officers were commanded to superintend the process of clothing the Negro race with the political privileges torn from white men.

The blacks in the South are entitled to be well and humanely governed, and to have the protection of just laws for all their rights of person and property.

If it were practicable at this time to give them a Government exclusively their own, under which they might manage their own affairs in their own way, it would become a grave question whether we ought to do so, or whether common humanity would not require us to save them from themselves.

But under the circumstances this is only a speculative point.

It is not proposed merely that they shall govern themselves, but that they shall rule the white race, make and administer State laws, elect Presidents and members of Congress, and shape to a greater or less extent the future destiny of the whole country.

Would such a trust and power be safe in such hands?

The peculiar qualities which should characterize any people who are fit to decide upon the management of public affairs for a great state have seldom been combined.

It is the glory of white men to know that they have had these qualities in sufficient measure to build upon this continent a great political fabric and to preserve its stability for more than ninety years, while in every other part of the world all similar experiments have failed.

But if anything can be proved by known facts, if all reasoning upon evidence is not abandoned, it must be acknowledged that in the progress of nations Negroes have shown less capacity for government than any other race of people.

No independent government of any form has ever been successful in their hands.

On the contrary, wherever they have been left to their own devices they have shown a constant tendency to relapse into barbarism.

In the Southern States, however, Congress has undertaken to confer upon them the privilege of the ballot.

Just released from slavery, it may be doubted whether as a class they know more than their ancestors how to organize and regulate civil society.

Indeed, it is admitted that the blacks of the South are not only regardless of the rights of property, but so utterly ignorant of public affairs that their voting can consist in nothing more than carrying a ballot to the place where they are directed to deposit it.

I need not remind you that the exercise of the elective franchise is the highest attribute of an American citizen, and that when guided by virtue, intelligence, patriotism, and a proper appreciation of our free institutions it constitutes the true basis of a democratic form of government, in which the sovereign power is lodged in the body of the people.

A trust artificially created, not for its own sake, but solely as a means of promoting the general welfare, its influence for good must necessarily depend upon the elevated character and true allegiance of the elector.

It ought, therefore, to be reposed in none except those who are fitted morally and mentally to administer it well; for if conferred upon persons who do not justly estimate its value and who are indifferent as to its results, it will only serve as a means of placing power in the hands of the unprincipled and ambitious, and must eventuate in the complete destruction of that liberty of which it should be the most powerful conservator.

I have therefore heretofore urged upon your attention the great danger — to be apprehended from an untimely extension of the elective franchise to any new class in our country, especially when the large majority of that class, in wielding the power thus placed in their hands, can not be expected correctly to comprehend the duties and responsibilities which pertain to suffrage.

Yesterday, as it were, 4,000,000 persons were held in a condition of slavery that had existed for generations; to-day they are freemen and are assumed by law to be citizens.

It can not be presumed, from their previous condition of servitude, that as a class they are as well informed as to the nature of our Government as the intelligent foreigner who makes our land the home of his choice.

In the case of the latter neither a residence of five years and the knowledge of our institutions which it gives nor attachment to the principles of the Constitution are the only conditions upon which he can be admitted to citizenship; he must prove in addition a good moral character, and thus give reasonable ground for the belief that he will be faithful to the obligations which he assumes as a citizen of the Republic.

Where a people — the source of all political power — speak by their suffrages through the instrumentality of the ballot box, it must be carefully guarded against the control of those who are corrupt in principle and enemies of free institutions, for it can only become to our political and social system a safe conductor of healthy popular sentiment when kept free from demoralizing influences.

Controlled through fraud and usurpation by the designing, anarchy and despotism must inevitably follow.

In the hands of the patriotic and worthy our Government will be preserved upon the principles of the Constitution inherited from our fathers.

It follows, therefore, that in admitting to the ballot box a new class of voters not qualified for the exercise of the elective franchise we weaken our system of government instead of adding to its strength and durability.

I yield to no one in attachment to that rule of general suffrage which distinguishes our policy as a nation.

But there is a limit, wisely observed hitherto, which makes the ballot a privilege and a trust, and which requires of some classes a time suitable for probation and preparation.

To give it indiscriminately to a new class, wholly unprepared by previous habits and opportunities to perform the trust which it demands, is to degrade it, and finally to destroy its power, for it may be safely assumed that no political truth is better established than that such indiscriminate and all-embracing extension of popular suffrage must end at last in its destruction.

I repeat the expression of my willingness to join in any plan within the scope of our constitutional authority which promises to better the condition of the Negroes in the South, by encouraging them in industry, enlightening their minds, improving their morals, and giving protection to all their just rights as freedmen.

But the transfer of our political inheritance to them would, in my opinion, be an abandonment of a duty which we owe alike to the memory of our fathers and the rights of our children.

end quotes

Now, people, that was a Democrat who was the head of the Democrat Party speaking to all of America as the chief executive officer of the whole of the United States of America.

So, who was he speaking for then?

Simply himself?

Stay tuned, for thanks to USA TODAY and PolitiFact and the Associated Press, there is much more to come on this subject of the Democrat party of Nancy Pelosi being the most enduring symbol we have in this nation of slavery and racism.

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Re: Just musings, is all

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THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR July 2, 2020 at 10:22 am

Paul Plante says :

Going back to this convoluted USA TODAY article entitled “Fact check: Democratic Party did not found the KKK, did not start the Civil War” by somebody named Devon Link, listed as a Fact-Check Intern on their website, on 30 JUNE 2020, we find this bizarre statement, to wit:

As America marks a month of protests against systemic racism and many people draw comparisons between current events and the civil rights movement, an oversimplified trope about the Democratic Party’s racist past has been resurrected online.

end quotes

What makes the statement truly bizarre (very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement) is its assertion that an “oversimplified trope” about the Democratic Party’s racist past has been resurrected online.

If a “trope” is a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression, then what on earth can an “oversimplified trope” possibly be, besides a simply stupid expression, which raises the question of does the Democratic Party have a “racist” past, which would make the Democratic Party the most enduring symbol of slavery and racism we have in this nation today, bar none?

That the Democratic Party has a racist past cannot be denied,

Consider, for example, the speech of Democrat Robert Young Hayne (November 10, 1791 – September 24, 1839), an American lawyer, planter and politician who served in the United States Senate from 1823 to 1832, in the United States Senate on January 25, 1830, in what became known as the Webster-Hayne Debates which as anyone who actually studied high school history knows, set the stage for the Civil War in this country, to wit:

The honorable gentleman from Massachusetts (Daniel Webster) has gone out of his way to pass a high eulogium on the State of Ohio.

In the most impassioned tones of eloquence, he described her majestic march to greatness.

He told us that, having already left all the other States far behind, she was now passing by Virginia, and Pennsylvania, and about to take her station by the side of New York.

To all this, sir, I was disposed most cordially to respond.

When, however, the gentleman proceeded to contrast the State of Ohio with Kentucky, to the disadvantage of the latter, I listened to him with regret; and when he proceeded further to attribute the great, and, as he supposed, acknowledged superiority of the former in population, wealth, and general prosperity, to the policy of Nathan Dane, of Massachusetts, which had secured to the people of Ohio (by the ordinance of ’ 87) a population of freemen, I will confess that my feelings suffered a revulsion, which I am now unable to describe in any language sufficiently respectful towards the gentleman from Massachusetts.

In contrasting the State of Ohio with Kentucky, for the purpose of pointing out the superiority of the former, and of attributing that superiority to the existence of slavery, in the one State, and its absence in the other, I thought I could discern the very spirit of the Missouri question intruded into this debate, for objects best known to the gentleman himself.

Did that gentleman, sir, when he formed the determination to cross the southern border, in order to invade the State of South Carolina, deem it prudent, or necessary, to enlist under his banners the prejudices of the world, which like Swiss troops, may be engaged in any cause, and are prepared to serve under any leader?

Did he desire to avail himself of those remorseless allies, the passions of mankind, of which it may be more truly said, than of the savage tribes of the wilderness, “that their known rule of warfare is an indiscriminate slaughter of all ages, sexes, and conditions?”

Or was it supposed, sir, that, in a premeditated and unprovoked attack upon the South, it was advisable to begin by a gentle admonition of our supposed weakness, in order to prevent us from making that firm and manly resistance, due to our own character, and our dearest interest?

Was the significant hint of the weakness of slave-holding States, when contrasted with the superior strength of free States — like the glare of the weapon half drawn from its scabbard — intended to enforce the lessons of prudence and of patriotism, which the gentleman had resolved, out of his abundant generosity, gratuitously to bestow upon us [said Mr. H.]

The impression which has gone abroad, of the weakness of the South, as connected with the slave question, exposes us to such constant attacks, has done us so much injury, and is calculated to produce such infinite mischiefs, that I embrace the occasion presented by the remarks of the gentleman from Massachusetts, to declare that we are ready to meet the question promptly and fearlessly.

It is one from which we are not disposed to shrink, in whatever form or under whatever circumstances it may be pressed upon us.

We are ready to make up the issue with the gentleman, as to the influence of slavery on individual and national character — on the prosperity and greatness, either of the United States, or of particular States.

Sir, when arraigned before the bar of public opinion, on this charge of slavery, we can stand up with conscious rectitude, plead not guilty, and put ourselves upon God and our country.

Sir, we will not stop to inquire whether the black man, as some philosophers have contended, is of an inferior race, nor whether his color and condition are the effects of a curse inflicted for the offences of his ancestors.

We deal in no abstractions.

We will not look back to inquire whether our fathers were guiltless in introducing slaves into this country.

If an inquiry should ever be instituted in these matters, however, it will be found that the profits of the slave trade were not confined to the South.

Southern ships and Southern sailors were not the instruments of bringing slaves to the shores of America, nor did our merchants reap the profits of that “accursed traffic.”

But, sir, we will pass over all this.

If slavery, as it now exists in this country, be an evil, we of the present day found it ready made to our hands.

Finding our lot cast among a people, whom God had manifestly committed to our care, we did not sit down to speculate on abstract questions of theoretical liberty.

We met it as a practical question of obligation and duty.

We resolved to make the best of the situation in which Providence had placed us, and to fulfil the high trust which had developed upon us as the owners of slaves, in the only way in which such a trust could be fulfilled, without spreading misery and ruin throughout the land.

We found that we had to deal with a people whose physical, moral, and intellectual habits and character, totally disqualified them from the enjoyment of the blessings of freedom.

We could not send them back to the shores from whence their fathers had been taken; their numbers forbade the thought, even if we did not know that their condition here is infinitely preferable to what it possibly could be among the barren sands and savage tribes of Africa; and it was wholly irreconcileable with all our notions of humanity to tear asunder the tender ties which they had formed among us, to gratify the feelings of a false philanthropy.

What a commentary on the wisdom, justice, and humanity, of the Southern slave owner is presented by the example of certain benevolent associations and charitable individuals elsewhere.

Shedding weak tears over sufferings which had existence only in their own sickly imaginations, these “friends of humanity” set themselves systematically to work to seduce the slaves of the South from their masters.

By means of missionaries and political tracts, the scheme was in a great measure successful.

Thousands of these deluded victims of fanaticism were seduced into the enjoyment of freedom in our Northern cities.

And what has been the consequence?

Go to these cities now, and ask the question.

Visit the dark and narrow lanes, and obscure recesses, which have been assigned by common consent as the abodes of those outcasts of the world — the free people of color.

Sir, there does not exist, on the face of the whole earth, a population so poor, so wretched, so vile, so loathsome, so utterly destitute of all the comforts, conveniences, and decencies of life, as the unfortunate blacks of Philadelphia, and New York, and Boston.

Liberty has been to them the greatest of calamities, the heaviest of curses.

Sir, I have had some opportunities of making comparisons between the condition of the free negroes of the North and the slaves of the South, and the comparison has left not only an indelible impression of the superior advantages of the latter, but has gone far to reconcile me to slavery itself.

Never have I felt so forcibly that touching description, “the foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the son of man hath not where to lay his head,” as when I have seen this unhappy race, naked and houseless, almost starving in the streets, and abandoned by all the world.

Sir, I have seen in the neighborhood of one of the most moral, religious, and refined cities of the North, a family of free blacks, driven to the caves of the rock, and there obtaining a precarious subsistence from charity and plunder.

end quotes

Now, that happens to be American history as it actually happened, from the mouth of a real Democrat who was part of this nation’s history, as ugly as it has been thanks to the Democratic Party, and if the howling mob bent on tearing down American history to hide and gloss over the Democratic Party’s racist past doesn’t like that history, as far as I am concerned, that’s just too bad for them.

History is what happened, not what we want it to be, or want it not to be, and if the Democrats of today and all their apologists in the media can’t deal with their decidedly racist past, and want to call it an “oversimplified trope,” instead, let them, for it changes nothing at all, because in America today, there is no more enduring symbol of racism and slavery than the Democratic Party.

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Thu Jul 02, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR July 1, 2020 at 8:51 pm

Paul Plante says :

Boy, talk about MOB RULE on the ascendency here in what used to be America, and the KKK-like intimidation tactics of the howling, screaming mob being legitimized, and BLM, which exists to in their own words “end white supremacy” forever, using pack violence, like animals, as an intimidation tool, clearing a path for a radical future with white-owned businesses destroyed along with the lives of their owners, buttressed by an unwavering sense of moral superiority that entitles them to smack down any dissent, usually gagging people in the name of “free speech,” let’s go to The Daily Gazette article “Bumpy’s owner arrested for allegedly pointing a pellet gun at protesters in Schenectady,” where we learn about this on-going, escalating situation in Schenectady, New York, where the howlers are using “protests” to “take down,” i.e., destroy, a number of businesses in local communities the howling mob, which is the sole arbiter here, says are built on the “foundation of white supremacy and are allowed to thrive in these environments,” as follows, to wit:

SCHENECTADY — The owner of Bumpy’s Polar Freeze was arrested Tuesday night after allegedly pointing a weapon at demonstrators protesting his besieged business.

David Elmendorf, 35, was charged with two counts of second-degree menacing, both misdemeanors, police said.

Police found him after a traffic stop nearby with a weapon authorities described as a pellet gun.

Local activist Brianna Johnson said Elmendorf, the owner of the ice cream parlor where activists have been staked out for days protesting alleged racist text messages he allegedly sent, pointed the gun at the group.

end quotes

Now, I personally have yet to see these alleged “racist text messages” he allegedly sent, but one person I talked to about this said that the dude who was just arrested allegedly said that in his opinion and in his experience in the ice cream business, white people were better workers than black people, for which his life and livelihood are now literally forfeit to the howlers without a shred of due process of law here, which is about as un-American as it can get.

If you are a white person who owns a business in Schenectady, New York, and you value your future, and your life, then you damn well better not say something the howling mob doesn’t like or doesn’t want said, or you and your business are done, just like that, with no appeal to the law, because when the mob is howling, there is no law but them.

Getting back to this frankly quite weird story, we have:

Elmendorf has been fighting back allegations of racism following the appearance of text messages on social media saying he doesn’t hire Black people.

Following demonstrations on Sunday, three Black employees walked out after receiving cash from protesters and promises of future jobs.

end quotes

When the mob is howling, reality does not intrude!

The howling mob says he doesn’t hire black people, which makes him a racist, and so, regardless of the fact that there were black people working there until the howlers gave them money to quit and promises of better jobs, executive positions perhaps, at some other business the howling mob will intimidate into making those dudes vice-presidents or something similar, he is guilty of racism in the eyes of the vigilante mob, even though someone sane and rational would look at the actual facts of the matter and conclude the mob of howlers is insane.

Getting back to that on-going story of how our lives here in America are being taken over by howling mobs of violent and dangerous morons, we have:

On Tuesday afternoon, roughly 75 demonstrators gathered at Bumpy’s, with tensions exacerbated over an incident that allegedly unfolded overnight Tuesday.

Despite the protesters, signs indicated the business was open on Tuesday, but demonstrators dissuaded any business by sitting down outside and delivering a series of fiery speeches.

City and county sheriff’s deputies were on site Tuesday afternoon to warn the protesters against blocking traffic on State Street, but left by 6:40 p.m..

Afterward, the atmosphere remained tense as the crowd engaged in minor skirmishes with motorists attempting to enter or leave Shirley Lane, which organizers blocked.

end quotes

So, like in the violent CHOP or CHAZ in Seattle, Washington which was public property taken over by the howlers, in Schenectady, New York, the streets belong to the howling mob, who can block the comings and going of honest people with impunity, because when the mob is howling, the law runs the other way.

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Fri Jul 03, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR July 2, 2020 at 6:52 pm

Paul Plante says:

And from a Washington Post article entitled “Republicans signal to Trump to back down on defense bill veto threat over renaming Confederate bases” by Rachael Bade and Karoun Demirjian on 2 July 2020, it sounds very much like the words of Kady-Ann Davy, a Kingston, Jamaica native who moved to the United States when she was 4 years old and made Fayetteville, North Carolina, the home of Ft. Bragg and the famed “ALL-AMERICAN” 82d Airborne Division, which American military base Nancy Pelosi and her pack of whining, screeching, emotionally-immature and mentally-disturbed Democrats condemn as a bastion of white supremacist racists, her home in 2005, where she became actively engaged in city and community affairs, being elected as the District 2 representative to the Fayetteville City Council in 2009 and in 2013, being unanimously elected as mayor pro tem of Fayetteville, and being the youngest and the first African American woman in this position, which is an indication of just how far a black immigrant woman can come in this country, thanks in large part to the military veterans in this country who fought and bled and died for her rights as a fellow human being, including those who served on Ft. Bragg, named for a failed, dead Confederate General as a permanent reminder to those who would secede from this country as the Democrats did back in the Civil War days so they could hold people like Kady-Ann Davy in human bondage, what happens when traitors like the Democrats try to harm this nation, who herself was the guest speaker on Ft. Bragg on Women’s Equality Day on August 26, 2015, where Davy challenged AMERICAN Soldiers and Airmen in attendance to continue advancing the women’s rights movement, saying, “(T)his opportunity to shine light on the legacy, our history, our heroes, our she-roes, right here in our community – we have many of them, don’t let the movement stop here,” are going to be disregarded by the Democrats, who are literally trying to erase our history in this nation because they don’t like it, since it shines an uncomfortable light for them on the racist history of the Democrat party in this nation.

One would think that if anyone in the country was going to get themselves all exercised and bent out of shape mentally and emotionally about Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina being named for Braxton Bragg, a Confederate corps commander at the Battle of Shiloh, where he launched several costly and unsuccessful frontal assaults, stupidly wasting the lives of his troops, and who is generally considered among the worst generals of the Civil War with most of the battles in which he engaged ending in defeat, a man who was extremely unpopular with both the men and the officers of his command, who criticized him for numerous perceived faults, including poor battlefield strategy, a quick temper, and overzealous discipline, and who generally has a poor reputation with historians, with the losses which Bragg suffered being cited as principal factors in the ultimate defeat of the Confederacy, it would have to be Kady-Ann Davy, who as a black female immigrant has to deal with that hated symbol of white supremacy and racism staring her right in the face each and every day, and yet, there she was big as life, not only not running Ft. Bragg down like the Democrats in Congress are doing, but admonishing its soldiers to take “(T)his opportunity to shine light on the legacy, our history, our heroes, our she-roes, right here in our community – we have many of them, don’t let the movement stop here.”

So if she as a black woman wants to shine light on the legacy and history of the many, many heroes and she-roes of the Ft. Bragg community, why are the Democrats in Washington, D.C. trying to snuff that light out?

Getting back to that Washington Post article, we have as follows:

President Trump is increasingly isolated over his staunch defense of Confederate symbols on military bases, as uneasy congressional Republicans signal to the White House that now is not the time to hold the Pentagon hostage to this one issue.

end quotes

Now, that sentence is pure journalistic BULL**** with that mindless, infantile blather about “Confederate symbols” on military bases, because having actually been a United States soldier, and having actually served on active duty as a United States soldier on two of those bases, I can say with authority that there are NO “Confederate symbols” on those bases, and the Washington Post is talking like the A-HOLE it is in saying that.

Getting back to that story, we have:

Trump threatened late Tuesday to veto a $740 billion defense policy bill if it included bipartisan language mandating the removal of the names of Confederate leaders from military installations.

Hours later, Republicans on both sides of the Capitol made it clear the president needs to back down in a fight over honoring secessionists who fought the United States to maintain slavery.

end quotes

And if those Republicans actually did say that, they are as big A-HOLES as are the staff of the Washington Post, because Ft. Bragg does not “HONOR” Braxton Bragg – to the contrary, it serves as a daily reminder to each and every person in this country what happens to a people stupid enough to have a general as stupid and inept as their general in a fight against the REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS of this nation in defense of their Republic and their Union, which the Democrats who had Braxton Bragg as their general tried to destroy in the Civil War, just as they are trying to destroy it again by fomenting division and another civil war.

Go back and look at how history itself looks at Braxton Bragg, and ask yourself, what on earth is there in his miserable record to “honor,” besides nothing.

But there is plenty in there to mock, which is why his name is on an American military base in the state of North Carolina.

So these Republicans, if they said that, are simply proving just how ignorant of American history a person can be, and still hold a seat in either the House of Representatives, or the U.S. Senate, where being an ignorant fool does not bar one from serving in either.

Getting back to the story:

Members of the (Congressional Black) caucus also are hoping to pass a bill requiring the removal of all Confederate statues from Statuary Hall in the Capitol — possibly by month’s end, according to House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.).

“Symbols matter,” said Thompson, who is crafting a bill to send Confederate statues in the Capitol to the Smithsonian.

end quotes

They sure do, Bennie, which is why those symbols of the failed effort of the Democrats to destroy our Union so they could hold black people as slaves on those military bases named for the Confederate generals matter greatly – SO PEOPLE WILL NOT FORGET WHO THEY WERE AND WHAT THEY FAILED TO ACCOMPLISH AND WHY AND BECAUSE OF WHOM!

Getting back to the Washington Post and more mindless balderdash from House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), we have this, to wit:

“The president of the Confederacy is one of two statues that we have here in the Capitol from my state of Mississippi,” referring to Jefferson Davis.

He gestured to his fellow caucus members and added: “If that gentleman had won the war, as president, none of these people would be here in Congress today.”

end quotes

Except he didn’t win, Bennie!


Why can’t you accept that and move on with your life like all the rest of the people in America have done who don’t obsess day and night about Confederates like Jefferson Davis who has been dead since December 6, 1889?

What’s with all this continuing whiney BULL**** about what might have happened had history been completely different from what it actually was?

What kind of warped and twisted mind does it take for a people to be so far mired in the past as is this House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), who spends his days hating Jefferson Davis, instead of living in the present and looking towards the future like sane and rational people do in America.

Getting back to the story and more ignorance from House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), we have:

“I’m not certain we should hold people like that in high esteem.”

end quotes

AND WE DON’T, Bennie!



Moving right along here, we have this nonsense next:

Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), chairman of the caucus, echoed the sentiment, asking her colleagues to see themselves in caucus members’ shoes: “If you could just absorb for a minute what it feels like … to walk past statutes of people who didn’t even feel we were human, who wanted us to be in chains.”

end quotes

You need to see a psychiatrist, Karen, because if you are troubled by a statue of somebody who has been dead since 1889, you have some very serious mental problems.

Getting back to the Washington Post, we have another witless moron stepping up to the plate to prove that morons have as much right as anyone else to sit in the United States Senate, to wit:

“I would be happy to see, I would support changing the names of bases that were named in the honor of Confederate generals,” said Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah).

“Those individuals fought against the United States of America and we should instead be honoring people who fought for the United States of America.”

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Those bases were not intended to, nor do they, “honor” Confederate generals who fought against the United States – to the contrary, they make an example of those generals every day to the people of America who had those people the bases are named for as their generals when they LOST the Civil War!

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