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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR October 15, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Paul Plante says:

And Dennis v. United States, 341 U.S. 494 (1951), which was a United States Supreme Court case relating to Eugene Dennis, General Secretary of the Communist Party USA who was advocating for the overthrow of the United States government, is relevant to this discussion of BLACK LIVES MATTER because in 1957, the Supreme Court in Yates v. United States restricted the holding in Dennis, ruling that the Smith Act did not prohibit advocacy of forcible overthrow of the government as an abstract doctrine, which is a very important concept we have to grasp with respect to groups like BLACK LIVES MATTER who have as part of their policy the use of violence against those who don’t bend the knee to them in submission.

They are free to incite acts of violence, all the time claiming that they are only talking about the violence they are advocating for as an abstract doctrine.

Yates v. United States, 354 U.S. 298 (1957), was a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States that held that the First Amendment protected radical and reactionary speech, unless it posed a “clear and present danger.”

With respect to where we are now, with the Marxist group BLACK LIVES MATTER on the ascendant here in the United States of America in terms of sheer political power wielded by them, as we saw with the huge and menacing BLACK LIVES MATTER banner flying over the entrances of Albany City Hall in the Democrat-controlled sanctuary city of Albany, New York, the decision in Yates was announced on the same day as several other decisions in which communists were on the winning side, including Watkins v. United States and Sweezy v. New Hampshire with the same majority and dissent.

The day was called “Red Monday” by some anti-communists who disagreed with the decision.

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover called the decisions “the greatest victory the Communist Party in America ever received.”

So while Yates did not overrule Dennis, it rendered the broad conspiracy provisions of the Smith Act unenforceable, and finally, in a Communist victory that would pave the way for BLACK LIVES MATTER to come on the scene today to advocate for violence as an abstract doctrine, in 1969, Brandenburg v. Ohio held that “mere advocacy” of violence was per se protected speech.

Brandenburg was a de facto overruling of Dennis, defining the bar for constitutionally unprotected speech to be incitement to “imminent lawless action.”

Welcome to the future.

The future is now.

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Sat Oct 17, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR October 16, 2020 at 9:18 pm

Paul Plante says:

As to the total horse **** nature of the Marxist “science” which supports the BLACK LIVES MATTER goal of disrupting our stable-law-abiding nuclear families here in the United States of America, which so-called “science” is a seething mass of contradictions and inconsistencies held together by a glue made of pig **** and cobwebs, let’s for the moment go back to number 3, titled “The Pairing Family,” in section II, “The Family,” of “Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State” by Frederick Engels, where we have as follows:

As to how and when this revolution took place among civilized peoples, we have no knowledge.

It falls entirely within prehistoric times.

end quotes

Now, if one is able to actually engage in critical thinking, which is somebody who is not a Marxist, because they cannot think, only absorb, one would look at those two sentences and say out loud, “my goodness, how ridiculous!”

Because in reality, the reality those of us who are not trained Marxists reside in, if one has no knowledge of something, such as this “revolution” Engels is talking about, then it would logically follow that one cannot talk about it as if it actually did exist.

But not so a Marxist – for them, it is enough that Engels said it, because when you are a Marxist, yours is not to question!

So what then was this supposed “revolution” and what relevance does it have to BLACK LIVES MATTER and their goal to disrupt our stable, law-abiding nuclear families?

Here it is, stated as follows, to wit:

Thus, on the one hand, in proportion as wealth increased, it made the man’s position in the family more important than the woman’s, and on the other hand created an impulse to exploit this strengthened position in order to overthrow, in favor of his children, the traditional order of inheritance.

This, however, was impossible so long as descent was reckoned according to mother-right.

Mother-right, therefore, had to be overthrown, and overthrown it was.

This was by no means so difficult as it looks to us today.

For this revolution – one of the most decisive ever experienced by humanity – could take place without disturbing a single one of the living members of a gens.

All could remain as they were.

A simple decree sufficed that in the future the offspring of the male members should remain within the gens, but that of the female should be excluded by being transferred to the gens of their father.

The reckoning of descent in the female line and the matriarchal law of inheritance were thereby overthrown, and the male line of descent and the paternal law of inheritance were substituted for them.

The overthrow of mother-right was the world historical defeat of the female sex.

The man took command in the home also; the woman was degraded and reduced to servitude, she became the slave of his lust and a mere instrument for the production of children.

This degraded position of the woman, especially conspicuous among the Greeks of the heroic and still more of the classical age, has gradually been palliated and glazed over, and sometimes clothed in a milder form; in no sense has it been abolished.

end quotes

Engels said it, so therefore, if you are a Marxist, that has to be true, even if the evidence before your eyes tells you it is not true, at all, for if the woman was actually degraded and reduced to servitude and became the slave of man’s lust and a mere instrument for the production of children, how then do we explain Hillary Clinton or Kamala Harris running for president of the United States of America?

And getting back to Engels, who in turn brings Marx into the discussion, we have:

Marx adds:

The modern family contains in germ not only slavery (servitus), but also serfdom, since from the beginning it is related to agricultural services.

It contains in miniature all the contradictions which later extend throughout society and its state.

Such a form of family shows the transition of the pairing family to monogamy.

In order to make certain of the wife’s fidelity and therefore of the paternity of the children, she is delivered over unconditionally into the power of the husband; if he kills her, he is only exercising his rights.

end quotes

And there it is, people – that is why BLACK LIVES MATTER are going to disrupt our stable, law-abiding nuclear families – because Karl Marx said the modern family contains in germ not only slavery (servitus), but also serfdom.

And if Karl said it was true, then to a Marxist, that is all they need to know.

See how easy it is to be a Marxist?

No thought required, and no thought allowed!

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Sun Oct 18, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR October 17, 2020 at 6:47 pm

Paul Plante says:

And getting back to the Marxist “science” which supports the BLACK LIVES MATTER goal of disrupting our stable-law-abiding nuclear families here in the United States of America being nothing more than a seething mass of contradictions and inconsistencies held together by a glue made of pig **** and cobwebs, let’s first go back to number 3, titled “The Pairing Family,” in section II, “The Family,” of “Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State” by Frederick Engels, where we have as follows:

As to how and when this revolution took place among civilized peoples, we have no knowledge.

It falls entirely within prehistoric times.

end quotes

Now, focus on this: “As to how and when this revolution took place among civilized peoples ….”

What they are saying there is that in prehistoric times, there were “civilized” peoples.

Then we go a bit further, into 4. The Monogamous Family, where we now have this to consider, to wit:

It (the Monogamous Family) develops out of the pairing family, as previously shown, in the transitional period between the upper and middle stages of barbarism; its decisive victory is one of the signs that civilization is beginning.

end quotes

Now, focus in on this: “…. its decisive victory is one of the signs that civilization is beginning.”

But wait – how can that be?

If people were already civilized in prehistoric times, as Marx and Engels tell us in one place, then how is it that later in time, civilization is just beginning?

And the answer is simple – what Marx and Engels are peddling to their cult is pure BULL****, but since their followers are cultists, unable to think for themselves, this seething mass of contradictions and inconsistencies held together by a glue made of pig **** and cobwebs which is Marxist “science” sails right on by them, unchallenged, because to be a Marxist, you don’t challenge, you only accept, which thought takes us to an article in an on-line publication called Quillette published on February 21, 2019 and entitled “What My Days as a Marxist Taught Me About Modern Political Cults” written by C.K. Ryan, where we were informed as follows:

There was a time when Das Kapital was my bible.

It sits on one of the bookshelves that line my living room, alongside other artifacts from my youthful foray into Marxism.

The front cover is worn, the pages slightly frayed.

For years, I returned to those words, chewing slow on arguments unspooled in archaic prose about labour-power and the appropriation of surplus-value.

I was certain I’d found the key to understanding the modern world; a truth so pure it would end the oppression of man by man.

I’ve thought often about that sense of certainty in the years since.

I turn the memories over in my mind, amazed at my erstwhile fervency.

The sense that I, a teenager and later a young man, had found the answer to what ails the world in a text of political economy published in 1867….

That hubris, in retrospect, is shocking.

end quotes

Hubris, of course, for those not familiar with the term, is excessive pride or self-confidence, which would certainly also apply to the founders of BLACK LIVES MATTER who also believe that through Marxist ideology and dogma, they too have found the key to understanding the modern world, a truth so pure it would end the oppression of man by man, which in their case requires disrupting our stable, law-abiding nuclear families and ending white supremacy forever.

Getting back to that article, it continues as follows:

Although I would have protested the idea then, it’s become clear to me that my former sense of conviction was a secularized form of faith.

My pretense to holding an atheistic worldview coldly ruled by reason was just that: a pretense.

Marx may have been correct that religion is the opiate of the masses, but he failed to envision what his materialist conception of history would become to his followers in a secularized world.

end quotes

And the answer is that Marx has become a cult hero to his followers and his materialist conception of history has become their bible, plain and simple.

The article then continues as follows:

The link between religion and Marxism (or, more recently, identity politics) has been remarked upon by many writers, including here in Quillette.

Nevertheless, I continue to be struck by how many intelligent and empathetic young people, often on the tail end of a gradual, multi-generational rejection of God, become congregants of the radical left.

end quotes

In other words, Marx has become their God, and Marxism has become their religion, which takes us back to that article as follows:

I’ll use Christianity and Marxism to illustrate the point, but it holds for other religions and ideologies as well.

Jesus steps onto the world stage to bring forth the word of God, before sacrificing himself for the sins of mankind.

Marx rises from obscurity after revealing the unfolding logic of history and — by extension — the end point in the social organization of man.

end quotes

Except as we saw above, Marx does not reveal any unfolding logic of history – to the contrary, what Marx gives us is a seething mass of contradictions and inconsistencies held together by a glue made of pig **** and cobwebs which is Marxist “science,” where civilization starts to begin after we have been told it already began long ago.

Getting back to that article, we have:

The apostles, the closest followers of Christ, dedicate themselves to interpreting and spreading his word.

The post-Marx Marxists do the same, although the most revered figures vary depending on geography and personal preference.

For some, it’s butchers such as Stalin and Mao; for me, it was Lenin and Trotsky, the architects of the October Revolution of 1917.

Perhaps most on the nose: The Czech-Austrian communist theoretician Karl Kautsky, the most well-known follower of Marx and Engels in the immediate aftermath of their deaths, was affectionately called “the pope of Marxism.”

The Old Testament is replaced by Das Kapital or The Communist Manifesto, and the New Testament by Trotsky’s Permanent Revolution, or Mao’s On Guerilla Warfare, or Lenin’s April Theses.

Parsing these texts becomes an obsession for generations of true believers.

The rapture, that bloody apocalyptic end of days, is replaced with revolution.

And like fundamentalist Christians, many Marxists look forward to it, including the death and terror it would bring.

end quotes

Does that include the founders of BLACK LIVES MATTER?

Something to give some real serious thought to, anyway, in the light of their threats to end white supremacy forever and to disrupt our stable, law-abiding nuclear families.

Getting back to it one more time, we have:

Finally, communism marks the manifestation of heaven on earth.

end quotes

And how many times have I heard that in my lifetime about communism being the manifestation of heaven on earth!

But when?

Getting back to that article, we have:

The late British-American essayist Christopher Hitchens was a reformed Marxist.

In his 2007 book, “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,” he likened his youthful political convictions to religious faith thusly:

When I was a Marxist, I did not hold my opinions as a matter of faith, but I did have the conviction that a sort of unified field theory might have been discovered.

The concept of historical and dialectical materialism was not an absolute, and it did not have any supernatural element, but it did have its messianic element in the idea that an ultimate moment might arrive, and it most certainly had its martyrs and saints and doctrinaires and (after a while) its mutually excommunicating rival papacies.

It also had its schisms and inquisitions and heresy hunts.

I was a member of a dissident sect, which admired Rosa Luxemburg and Leon Trotsky, and I can say definitely that we also had our prophets…

Those of us who had a sort of rational alternative for religion had reached a terminus which was comparably dogmatic.

end quotes

Ah, yes – dogmatic, that being inclined to lay down principles as incontrovertibly true.

Sounds like Marxism to me, anyway – don’t think, just obey!

And that talk of Marxism being a secular religion, which it is, takes us back to an article in THE HILL entitled “Hillary Clinton: ‘Black Lives Matter’ is ‘very profoundly a theological statement’” by John Bowden on 09/29/20, where we have Hillary as either a true believer herself, or a Marxist running dog, to wit:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says in a new episode of her podcast that she views “Black Lives Matter,” the rallying cry used by thousands of protesters demanding changes in the way Black Americans are treated by police, as a “theological” statement.

end quotes

For those who like myself who wish to be totally clear as to what message Hillary is trying to convey there, and to whom, the term “theological” means “relating to the study of theology,” and “theology” is further defined as the field of study and analysis that treats of God and of God’s attributes and relations to the universe; study of divine things or religious truth; divinity, which makes it appear as if Hillary is telling us that the founders of BLACK LIVES MATTER are themselves “divine,” which is to say “of, from, or like God or a god” as in “heroes with divine powers,” which takes us back to THE HILL, as follows, to wit:

In the episode released Tuesday featuring a conversation between Clinton and the Rev. William J. Barber, a supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, Clinton explained her thoughts on the phrase.

“When you think about the very concerted effort by one specific political party to basically own Christianity … it overlooks the role of the African American church, it overlooks, as you say, a lot of theology, a lot of history, it also overlooks this moment in time,” Clinton said.

“‘Black Lives Matter,’ I view as, you know, very profoundly a theological statement,” she added.

end quotes

And my goodness, people, since Hillary said it, who can possibly argue with her logic?

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Sun Oct 18, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR October 18, 2020 at 10:42 pm

Paul Plante says:

And staying for the moment with the inane statement by the ditzy airhead Hillary Rodham Clinton saying in a new episode of her podcast that “‘Black Lives Matter,’ I view as, you know, very profoundly a theological statement,” that in the light of BLACK LIVES MATTER co-founder Patrisse Cullors, a protégé of Eric Mann, a former member of the Weather Underground domestic terror organization, which bombed government buildings and police stations in the 1960s and 1970s, who herself spent years absorbing the Marxist-Leninist ideology, telling us in a newly surfaced video from 2015 where she was interviewed by Jared Ball of the Real News Network that she and her fellow organizers are trained Marxists, “The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame; myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers; we are trained Marxists; we are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories,” let us for the moment go back to the Quillette article “What My Days as a Marxist Taught Me About Modern Political Cults” written by C.K. Ryan, the pen name of a Canadian writer and essayist, published on February 21, 2019, where we had as follows, to wit:

As I can attest, there is a certain comfort that accompanies this mindset, which I suspect is similar to what religious true believers feel.

It also gives one a sense of purpose, for I was a missionary on the hunt for converts.

There were times I travelled hundreds of kilometres to participate in demonstrations that had little, if any, connection to my life, except for the hope that one day, perhaps even after my death, my efforts would help usher in the prophesized utopia.

end quotes

Keeping in mind that Marx’s pretentious crap in Das Kapital was published one hundred fifty-three (153) years ago on 14 September 1867, we have been waiting for the prophesized utopia promised to the Marxist cultists for some long time now, and long after I am gone from this earth, we will still be waiting for it, for it is a myth, regardless of any religious significance Hillary Clinton may give to the founders of BLACK LIVES MATTER as our latest “saviors,” which takes us back to the essay, as follows:

There were moments my comrades and I would even acknowledge and poke fun at this aspect of our activism: During a campaign that involved canvassing poor neighbourhoods in a major U.S. city, knocking on door after door, we began referring to ourselves as the Jehovah’s Witnesses of the revolution.

end quotes

Ah, yes, people – the revolution!

If the Marxists did not have the revolution and the prophesized utopia to follow it to peddle to the masses as their opiate, they would have nothing at all, which takes us back to the essay as follows:

One of the most evident problems with faith-based (or ersatz-faith-based) worldviews is that they arm adherents with a sense of certitude that is corrosive to discourse.

It leaves them utterly certain that they occupy the moral high ground on every issue, and so the facts must be on their side.

And if the facts prove uncooperative, they are either ignored, distorted, or simply erased.

end quotes

And there with respect to Marxism and BLACK LIVES MATTER, he just said a mouthful, because with them, there is no discourse, nor can there be, since all they have to say are simply more soundbites!

They cannot rationally justify the tenants of Marxism because those tenants cannot be justified, which takes us to this from that essay, to wit:

This is something the much-maligned French philosopher Michel Foucault understood quite well, notwithstanding all of the criticism to which he has been subject:

“The polemi­cist (a person who engages in controversial debate) .…pro­ceeds en­cased in priv­i­leges that he pos­sesses in ad­vance and will never agree to ques­tion.”

“On prin­ci­ple, he pos­sesses rights au­tho­riz­ing him to wage war and mak­ing that strug­gle a just un­der­tak­ing; the per­son he con­fronts is not a part­ner in search for the truth, but an ad­ver­sary, an en­emy who is wrong, who is harm­ful, and whose very ex­is­tence con­sti­tutes a threat.”

“For him, then, the game con­sists not of rec­og­niz­ing this per­son as a sub­ject hav­ing the right to speak, but of abol­ish­ing him as in­ter­locu­tor from any pos­si­ble di­a­logue; and his final ob­jec­tive will be not to come as close as pos­si­ble to a difficult truth, but to bring about the tri­umph of the just cause he has been man­i­festly up­hold­ing from the be­gin­ning.”

end quotes

And how much like Hillary Clinton does that sound, so perfect in every way as our Hillary really is, which again takes us back to the essay, keeping in mind that Hillary Clinton herself has a TWITTER feed where just two days ago our Hillary TWEETED “historians help tell the story of our lives and who tells it matters; I’m thrilled @UniOfOxford has named Prof. Brenda Stevenson as the first Hillary Rodham Clinton Chair of Women’s History,” as follows:

My job as a journalist requires me to spend a fair amount of time on Twitter, which I find draining and toxic.

My feed is a curated list of North American politicos and reporters, which gives me a front row seat on the outrage mobs.

I’ve concluded that many of the most active and influential culture warriors — the ones in the front pews praying the loudest, and the most ecstatically — are mentally unwell.

end quotes

And talk about saying a mouthful there, he has hit a big nail square on the head with respect to these times we now find ourselves mired in, which again takes us back to the essay, to wit:

One of the best descriptions of the ideologically possessed mind comes to us from Hungarian-British author Arthur Koestler (1905-1983).

In “The God that Failed,” a 1949 collection of essays written by ex-communists detailing their conversion to, and disillusionment from, Marxism, Koestler wrote:

“Something had clicked in my brain, which shook me like a mental explosion.”

“To say that one had ‘seen the light’ is a poor description of the mental rapture which only the convert knows…”

“The new light seems to pour from all directions across the skull; the whole universe falls into a pattern like the stray pieces of a jigsaw puzzle assembled by magic at one stroke.”

“There is now an answer to every question, doubts and conflicts are a matter of the tortured past.”

What is needed in the face of such ideological certainty is a phase shift to a more modest intellectual approach.

When I look back on my time as a Marxist, I’m struck by how little doubt I experienced.

The world is an unbelievably complex place composed of infinite shades of grey.

And anyone who thinks they have it all figured out should be mistrusted on principle.

Your favorite pundit or political theorist is just that — a pundit or political theorist, not a Moses, Mohammed or Jesus.

And there is no one ideology that will lead us to an imagined promised land.

end quotes

As I say, something to think about, anyway.

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Thu Oct 22, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR October 21, 2020 at 7:27 pm

Paul Plante says:

And as if we already did not know it, or possibly could not know it, given all that has gone before concerning the political ascendancy of the Marxist-inspired BLACK LIVES MATTER movement here in the United States of America, and this is according to Queen Empress Kamala Harris, “Corn Pop” Biden’s presidential running mate who is going to use executive orders to go after what she calls “white supremacists” once she gains the oval office, we, the American people, are going to experience what Queen Empress Kamala called in what I construed to be a threatening tone of voice “a reckoning on racial justice,” that utterance coming just days ago on 18 October 2020 when Queen Empress Kamala was appearing at the Iowa Democrat’s Sunday Liberty and Justice dinner, with the term “racial justice” remaining undefined by the Queen Empress, so we cannot be sure of exactly what she is talking about, and thus, cannot in any way challenge her in a rational and logical manner, since we are clueless as to what she is on about with this “reckoning on racial justice” blather, where a “reckoning” is defined as “the time when one is called to account for one’s actions, to pay one’s debts,” which thought takes us back to April of 2016 and a CNN article by Dan Merica on April 20, 2016 entitled “Hillary Clinton talks race: ‘We all have implicit biases'” where we were treated to the following, to wit:

Philadelphia (CNN) – Hillary Clinton bluntly assessed the state of race relations in the United States on Wednesday, telling a mostly African-American audience that racial bias is something that has been part of our “DNA going back probably millennia.”

end quotes

Now, before we go any farther with respect to this “reckoning on racial justice” Queen Empress Kamala is promising when she becomes president, let us not kid ourselves that Hillary was anything other than full of horse **** when she told that mostly African-American audience that racial bias is something that has been part of our “DNA going back probably millennia,” because our DNA does not contain “racial bias.”

According to Medline, our DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms and nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA.

Most DNA is located in the cell nucleus (where it is called nuclear DNA), but a small amount of DNA can also be found in the mitochondria (where it is called mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA).

Mitochondria are structures within cells that convert the energy from food into a form that cells can use.

According to the Ancestry DNA Learning Site, DNA is the basis for life on planet Earth — every living thing has it.

The function of DNA is to store all of the genetic information that an organism needs to develop, function, and reproduce.

Essentially, it is the biological instruction manual found in each of your cells.

DNA is important because it holds all of the genetic information that makes you, you.

This information is needed for your development and survival and is able to be passed along to the next generation.

It also influences your traits, ranging from what you look like to the food you like with lots of things in between.

Given how different you are from someone else, it might seem like everyone’s DNA should be very different from one another.

Amazingly this is not the case.

On average, you share around 99.5% of your DNA with someone you are not related to.

A big part of what makes you unique is found in that 0.5% of your DNA.

And even though we’re overall more alike than different, everyone’s DNA tells a different story about who their relatives are and where they are from.

end quotes

So if in fact “racial bias” is a part of our DNA as Hillary claims, then it would have to be a part of the DNA of the Black folks, as well, which is perhaps why they have such a hatred for people with white skin as they do.

Getting back to the CNN article, which really was where this talk of “racial justice” and condemnation and demonizing of people with white skin by the Democrats began, we have:

“We all have implicit biases,” Clinton said at St. Paul’s Baptist Church.

“What we need to do is be more honest about that and surface them.”

“Because today, most people believe that they don’t have those biases.”

end quotes

Most people don’t believe they have those biases because they don’t have those biases – they are not so superficial as Hillary that they are obsessed with what color a person’s skin is, which takes us back to the CNN article for more horse **** from Hillary as follows:

Clinton, a candidate running to be the first person to succeed the first black president of the United States, has talked about race throughout her campaign, acknowledging what she regularly calls “deep seeded racism” that plagues the United States.

end quotes

Deep-seeded racism?

Do tell, Hillary!

Getting back to Hillary, we have more as follows:

“We have to be honest about the systemic racism and that particularly is the responsibility of white people, not just people in public life, but all of us, who have to keep trying to put ourselves in the position of what goes through the minds and hearts of so many people in our country who know they aren’t getting a fair shake,” Clinton said.

“They are not being treated equally and we can’t assume that our experience is somehow enough to guide us.”

“We have to be open and listening and then responsive.”

end quotes

Uh, okay, Hillary, whatever you say.

And moving right along here with respect to this “reckoning on racial justice” the Democrats are promising us when they take complete control of the national government next year, we come to a New York Times article entitled “In Charleston, Cory Booker Delivers Major Speech About White Supremacy and Gun Violence” by Alexander Burns on 7 August 2019, where we were informed as follows, to wit:

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey called on Wednesday for a national crusade against gun violence and a moral reckoning with the strains of white supremacy “ingrained in our politics since our founding,” as demands for government action continued to mount after two gun massacres last weekend in Texas and Ohio.

end quotes

A “moral reckoning,” people?

And pray tell, exactly what is that term supposed to connote to we, the American people who are sick and tired of hearing Democrats calling everyone they don’t like a “racist,” which itself is a damn stupid term, given that we only have one race of people here in this country, unless of course, Cory Booker thinks people with skin other than white are some other race than human, which would make Cory very stupid indeed?

Which brings us forward in time to Queen Empress Kamala and a San Francisco Chronicle article entitled “Black Lives Matter co-creator: Biden must choose a Black woman for VP” by Joe Garofoli, the San Francisco Chronicle’s senior political writer, covering national and state politics, on Aug. 3, 2020, where we were treated to the following directive or command from, BLACK LIVES MATTER to “Corn Pop,” himself the epitome of a lying dog-faced pony soldier if there ever was one, as follows:

Joe Biden will soon choose his running mate, and Black Lives Matter co-creator Alicia Garza says it had better be a Black woman.

“A Black woman in particular and not just a woman of color,” the Oakland resident told The Chronicle’s “It’s All Political” podcast, because ‘Black voters are who essentially made Joe Biden the presumptive nominee.’”

“That’s facts on facts.”

end quotes

So talk about dividing America on “racial” lines, there we have the Democrat’s game plan in that regards writ large for all to see – a Democrat party hate campaign against people with skin that is white as the Democrats pander for the Black votes to accomplish their “Blue Wave” come November when they hope to control all both houses of Congress and the executive branch, as well, and God help the people with white skin in this country of that fate should befall us, because we are going to need it.

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Re: Just musings, is all

Post by thelivyjr » Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:40 p

THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR October 23, 2020 at 9:08 pm

Paul Plante says:

And while we are on this subject of Marxist horse**** and the gross ignorance and mindlessness it requires of its converts and adherents and fellow travelers; and Queen Empress Kamala and her “reckoning on racial justice” while the Marxist-inspired BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, one of which’s founders demanded of “Corn Pop” Biden that his vice president be “(A) Black woman in particular and not just a woman of color,” which is why we have Queen Empress Kamala as “Corn Pop’s” running mate, are telling us that in accord with Marxist precepts as outlined by Engels in Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State wherein is stated that the modern individual family is founded on the open or concealed domestic slavery of the wife, and within the family the husband is the bourgeois and the wife represents the proletariat, so that it is plain that the first condition for the liberation of the wife is to bring the whole female sex back into public industry, and that this in turn demands the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society, that they are going to unilaterally disrupt our stable, law-abiding nuclear families to take us back to the time of the old communistic household, where life will be beautiful all the time, and Democrat Kathy Sheehan, the mayor of the sanctuary city of Albany, New York, taking the knee to BLACK LIVES MATTER in an act of submission, while telling us that we all should embrace the gross ignorance that BLACK LIVES MATTER is peddling as its stock-in-trade, to see where this stupidity is heading, let’s first go back for a minute to an Albany, New York Times Union article entitled “Demonstrators rally outside court for couple arrested while recording police” by Steve Hughes on June 17, 2020, where we have as follows, to wit:

Addison and Shuman were arrested shortly after they began recording the arrest of another man near the intersection of South Pearl and Arch streets.

The incident took place days after several rallies – including two that featured clashes between police and protesters – were held in Albany to call for police reforms and an end to police brutality after the May 25 killing of George Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Police accused Addison of inciting a riot and resisting arrest.

The incident occurred near the police department’s South Station where police and protesters clashed on May 30.

Shuman was also accused of resisting arrest.

As videos of the arrest surfaced, Mayor Kathy Sheehan said she was troubled by the behavior of police and the city announced the charges would be dropped.

The case was referred to the police department’s Office of Professional Standards.

“The video footage does not appear to depict efforts by police to de-escalate a situation, nor it does it depict the sensitivity I expect from all city employees in this moment and every day,” she said.

end quotes

So, okay, a Black dude outside the police station in the sanctuary city of Albany, New York, where Kathy Sheehan has a large, intimidating BLACK LIVES MATTER banner flying above the entrance to Albany City Hall like a gang symbol so you know without a doubt whose turf you are on https://www.timesunion.com/news/article ... 384999.php is inciting to riot, which is a privilege enjoyed by Black folks because they are Black, civil disobedience being one of their human rights, and because the police arrested him, they were wrong because they were not sufficiently sensitive to the needs of the rioters, which resulted in the police being referred to internal affairs for investigation and punishment, which as Hussein Obama would say, is the right thing to do in the upside down New World Order of BLACK LIVES MATTER, which brings us forward in time to another Albany, New York Times Union article entitled “Albany hiring firm to study racial bias in police department” by Steve Hughes on Aug. 24, 2020, where we have as follows:

ALBANY — The city is hiring a Virginia-based firm to conduct a study of racial bias in the Albany Police Department.

Chief City Auditor Dorcey Applyrs said the city will pay CNA, a nonprofit research and analysis organization that got its start tracking Nazi U-boat attacks, $80,000 to do the audit along with members of her staff.

At a brief news conference in front of City Hall, Applyrs said that in order for the city to make the right decisions about its police department, it needed to understand the extent of any implicit or racial basis in the department.

“We must use all of our platforms to promote racial justice and begin the healing we so desperately need in cities all across our nation,” she said.

end quotes

Ah, yes, people – promote racial justice!

Sounds great, does it not?

And it is a powerful sound-bite, all in all, because who would want to be on record as not wanting to promote racial justice.

As to the Hon. Dr. Dorcey Applyrs, she is a very accomplished young Black woman who moved to Albany in 2003 to pursue graduate-level education and since has earned a master’s degree and doctorate in public health from the University at Albany School of Public Health and she serves as Clinical Associate Professor in the Health Policy, Management, and Behavior Department and is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council and Community Advisory Council and also serves as the Subject Matter Expert for the School’s Center for Public Health Continuing Education, which sort of puts the lie to the premise of “systemic racism” in this country, along with Hillary Clinton’s “implicit bias” being a part of our DNA, because if there was systemic racism, the Hon. Dr. Dorcey Applyrs would be none of those things, period.

She is also listed as a NewDEAL leader in Albany where the NewDEAL is a national network of rising state and local elected leaders who are pro-growth progressives, and their mission, according to their website, is to bring together leaders focused on expanding opportunity and to help them develop and spread innovative ideas to spur economic growth that is broadly-earned and sustainable, which they do by connecting the NewDEAL Leaders with each other to exchange ideas, and connecting them with other pro-growth progressive political, policy, and private sector leaders, which network includes their Honorary Chairs, former Delaware Governor Jack Markell and U.S. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, as well as their Honorary Regional Chairs: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, U.S. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, U.S. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, U.S. Senator Gary Peters of Michigan, U.S. Congresswoman Kathleen Rice of New York, California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, former Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, and former Houston Mayor Annise Parker, so how about that for star power!

Getting back to the Times Union article, we have further as follows, to wit:

Applyrs’ decision to hire a firm was made in part by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s executive order requiring municipalities do comprehensive reviews of their police departments and develop plans to reform them.

Cuomo’s order came in the wake of protests in New York and around the nation after the May 25 killing of George Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

The audit will examine the department’s internal operations, policies and procedures, looking for evidence of implicit and racial biases and how they impact city residents.

Auditors will be looking at data related to traffic stops, use of force and other department interactions with the public over a five-year period.

CNA was chosen among seven firms that submitted proposals, Applyrs said.

CNA did a similar audit in Charleston, S.C. and is working on one in Chicago.

“We were looking for a firm who could balance the understanding of communities of color…but also a firm who understands law enforcement culture,” she said.

Its examination of Charleston’s police department found racial disparities in traffic stops, poor data-collection practices, lack of clarity in policies on use of force, failures to fully engage parts of the city’s community as well as issues around accountability, according to the firm’s summary of the report.

The firm’s working on policing reform is done through its Center for Justice Research and Innovation.

Earlier this month, Mayor Kathy Sheehan created a 37-member working group that is expected to develop a plan to reform the city’s police department.

Sheehan said she had discussed the planned audit with Applyrs and the city recognized that it needed outside help to do a in-depth examination.

“I think this is a great opportunity to bring in a third party to really help us understand what our data tells us, what’s missing, how to collect data we’re not collecting and most importantly — how do we report that out to the community on a regular basis in a transparent way.”

end quotes

Which in a very surreal and bizarre manner brings us to present time and yet another Albany, New York Times Union article, this one appropriately entitled “Albany Common Council seeks outside help to deal with violence – Police arrest three in connection with Monday drive-by” by Steve Hughes on Oct. 21, 2020 where we have the results of what happens when “progressive” Democrats like Kathy Sheehan of Albany cripple their police departments to appease BLACK LIVES MATTER, to wit:

ALBANY – Common Council members all but demanded the city bring in outside law enforcement agencies to help deal with a historically violent year in its borders.

Councilors spoke in favor of the move, with one going as far as to call on the city to declare a state of emergency after two men were wounded in a drive-by shooting in the city’s South End while the Council was meeting Monday evening.

The shooting on Mount Hope Drive was the fifth shooting in 48 hours and at least the third time this year six or more people had been shot within a two-day span in the city.

At least 116 people have been shot in the city so far this year, with 16 homicides.

end quotes

Yes, people, that’s what happens when people like Kathy Sheehan of Albany punish their police officers for not being “sensitive” enough to the howlers and rioters and lawless savages that roam freely in their sanctuary cities when the police attempt to enforce the law against Black people, which is considered racial injustice – you get lawlessness, and that is exactly what it looks like in real life, because to these savages, no lives matter, whatsoever.

And as to this so-called “racial justice,” here is a definition I was finally able to come across, to wit:

“Racial justice is the systematic fair treatment of people of all races, resulting in equitable opportunities and outcomes for all.”

“Racial justice — or racial equity — goes beyond ‘anti-racism.’”

“It is not just the absence of discrimination and inequities, but also the presence of deliberate systems and supports to achieve and sustain racial equity through proactive and preventative measures.”

end quotes

All of which is bunkum, piffle, balderdash, twaddle, codswallop, tosh, claptrap, gibberish, tommy-rot, buncombe, and a farrago to boot as we clearly see by returning to reality in the Age of BLACK LIVES MATTER, where no lives matter, as follows:

The city needs to realize it has a gang problem and to rely on outside law enforcement, such as the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, to help deal with it, said Council President Corey Ellis.

end quotes

For the record, Corey Ellis is himself a Black dude.

Moving right along, we have more of the aftermath of what happens when “progressive” Democrats like Kathy Sheehan of Albany make the police out as the criminals in need of reform, as opposed to the real criminals who seek sanctuary in her city, as follows:

Councilman Owusu Anane went further.

“As a result of these unprecedented shootings, I think we need to look at calling a state of emergency to address the frequent violence that is occurring in our streets,” he said.

end quotes

As a result of these unprecedented shootings, quite frankly, I think the Common Council needs to look at Kathy Sheehan and the responsibility she shares in promoting that violence by punishing the police for enforcing the law.

Getting back to the story, we have:

Other councilmembers noted that for months they had been talking about rising violence in their neighborhoods and welcomed conversations about further resources.

“We need resources out there,” said Councilwoman Sonia Frederick, who represents part of the South End.

“We need to address this issue because this continues to happen.”

end quotes

We need to address this issue because this continues to happen?

What a crock of crap that is when the City of Albany is going to spend $80,000 of taxpayer money not on enforcing the law, but instead on proving the Albany police are racists!

As I say, bizarre and surreal, but hey, it is the Age of BLACK LIVES MATTER, so that is the new normal now!

So we just better get used to it, because it is now here to stay!

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Re: Just musings, is all

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Opinion: On Queen Kamala Harris and the Future of Our America

Special to the Mirror by Paul Plante.

In the “Caesar, Letter II” political essay 233 years ago on October 17, 1787, the author stated thusly with respect to where it is we again find ourselves in this country, as designing politicians divide us up into “dregs of society,” in the case of Democrat Joseph “Corn Pop” Biden, or a “basket of deplorables,” in the case of Democrat Queen Hillary Rodham Clinton, versus their followers who are not only perfect in every way, but even more so, to wit:

“I am not one of those who gain an influence by cajoling the unthinking mass (tho’ I pity their delusions), and ringing in their ears the gracious sound of their absolute Sovereignty.”

“I despise the trick of such dirty policy.”

“I know there are Citizens, who, to gain their own private ends, enflame the minds of the well-meaning, tho’ less intelligent parts of the community, by sating their vanity with that cordial and unfailing specific, that all power is seated in the people.”

“There are always men in society of some talents, but more ambition, in quest of that which it would be impossible for them to obtain in any other way than by working on the passions and prejudices of the less discerning classes of citizens and yeomanry.”

“It is the plan of men of this stamp to frighten the people with ideal bugbears, in order to mould them to their own purposes.”

end quotes

And what a segue that gives us, especially the last sentence about “ideal bugbears,” to a recent article in the Des Moines Register by Brianne Pfannenstiel on 18 October 2020 entitled “Iowa Democrats’ 2020 virtual Liberty and Justice dinner is more subdued than spectacle,” where we were treated to the following concerning the demagogue Queen Empress Kamala Harris, the first of her name, to wit:

A year after U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris brought Iowa Democrats to their feet with an impassioned speech at the state party’s Liberty and Justice dinner, the now-vice presidential candidate delivered a far more subdued message Sunday at this year’s event.

end quotes

Now, let me say here that I heard Queen Empress Kamala speaking on the radio news at that event, and what I heard was hardly subdued, which is what brought to my mind the words of Caesar above here about citizens, who, to gain their own private ends, enflame the minds of the well-meaning, tho’ less intelligent parts of the community, as Queen Empress Kamala was clearly doing at the Iowa State Democrats’ recent Liberty and Justice dinner, along with there always being men, and now women like Hillary Clinton and Queen Empress Kamala Harris, in society of some talents, but more ambition, in quest of that which it would be impossible for them to obtain in any other way than by working on the passions and prejudices of the less discerning classes of citizens and yeomanry, which takes us back to the Des Moines Register article as follows:

“All at the same time, we’re experiencing the worst public health crisis in a century, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, a reckoning on racial justice, a changing climate that is battering our coastlines setting the west on fire and devastating farmers in Iowa,” she said in virtual remarks streamed at Sunday’s Liberty and Justice dinner.

end quotes

But are we really facing the worst public health crisis in a century?

As of the time of this writing (20 October 2020), there are 1.12 million COVID deaths across the world, and 220,000 COVID deaths here in the USA.

One hundred years ago, President Woodrow Wilson had to face the influenza pandemic of 1918-19 that killed 20 million to 50 million people around the world while it killed 675,000 Americans, so there is the benchmark COVID must be measured by in terms of public health crises.

And then, in my lifetime, we had during the Eisenhower administration the H2N2 virus which was first reported in Singapore in February 1957 and reached the United States that summer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated the number of deaths from H2N2 at 1.1 million worldwide and 116,000 in the United States.

And then during the Gerald Ford administration, we had the Swine Flu to deal with.

During the Ronald Reagan administration, of course, we had AIDS, which Reagan called the “gay plague.”

By the end of Reagan’s presidency in 1989, the United States had suffered 89,343 AIDS-related deaths.

George W. Bush had AIDS and SARS to deal with, and Hussein Obama had a trifecta of H1N1, Zika and Ebola and the CDC estimated that from April 2009 to April 2010, there were 60.8 million cases of swine flu and 12,469 deaths from it in the United States.

So what exact point was Queen Empress Kamala trying to make here with her shrill screeching about “we’re experiencing the worst public health crisis in a century?”

Doesn’t she realize from our own history (Democrat Franklyn Roosevelt had polio) that we are facing public health issues all the time, and have been all through my lifetime, which is longer than hers?

So what is she getting all hysterical about, other than the fact that she is scared ******** of the immensity of reality and her obvious inadequacy to deal with it, which raises the question of why on earth we would want her in the White House, where the rubber has to meet the road without spinning off into a ditch somewhere?

More to the point, if this is in fact the worst public health crisis in a century that we are now facing, what is it that she plans on doing about it, other than panicking and getting all shrill and hysterical?

And then we come to her shrieking about “the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.”

Oh, really, Queen Empress Kamala!

Since the Great Depression, we have had recessions in 1945, 1949, 1953, 1957, 1960, 1970, 1973-1975, 1980-82, 1990-91, 2001, and the Great Recession, which was a severe financial crisis combined with a deep recession and while the recession officially lasted from December 2007 to June 2009, it took many years for the economy to recover to pre-crisis levels of employment and output.

As to the Great Recession, and you would think someone running for vice president of America would be as familiar with this history as I am, although obviously if you thought that about Queen Empress Kamala, you would be dead wrong, the U.S. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission reported its findings in January 2011 and it concluded that “the crisis was avoidable and was caused by: Widespread failures in financial regulation, including the Federal Reserve’s failure to stem the tide of toxic mortgages; Dramatic breakdowns in corporate governance including too many financial firms acting recklessly and taking on too much risk; An explosive mix of excessive borrowing and risk by households and Wall Street that put the financial system on a collision course with crisis; Key policy makers ill prepared for the crisis, lacking a full understanding of the financial system they oversaw; and systemic breaches in accountability and ethics at all levels.”

According to the Department of Labor, roughly 8.7 million jobs (about 7%) were shed from February 2008 to February 2010, and real GDP contracted by 4.2% between Q4 2007 and Q2 2009, making the Great Recession the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

So again, people, why the hysteria-mongering?

What message is Queen Empress Kamala trying to send here, other than that she is ignorant of our history, which doesn’t surprise me, and she is too emotionally unstable to be trusted with a position of responsibility in the executive branch of OUR national government?

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Re: Just musings, is all

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THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR October 25, 2020 at 6:38 pm

Paul Plante says:

Going back in time to our nation’s political beginnings, in the political essay “An Old Whig II” on October 17, 1787, the author began the essay to the public as follows:

Mr. PRINTER, Since writing my last, in which I stated some doubts respecting the new federal constitution and expressed a wish that those doubts might be removed, I have met with the printed speech of James Wilson, Esquire.

This speech I find was made for the express purpose of removing objections from the minds of those who doubted, like myself, and wished to be satisfied; and except one or two hard names that have escaped the speaker, it bears the marks of more candor than is to be found in most of the productions, which have been ushered into the world in support of the same measure.

end quotes

For those unfamiliar with the name, James Wilson (September 14, 1742 – August 21, 1798) was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and a signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, and was twice elected to the Continental Congress, where he represented Pennsylvania, and was a major force in drafting the United States Constitution.

A leading legal theorist, he was one of the six original justices appointed by George Washington to the Supreme Court of the United States, and in his capacity as first Professor of Law at University of Pennsylvania taught the first course on the new Constitution to President Washington and his cabinet in 1789 and 1790.

Wilson was a delegate to the 1787 Philadelphia Convention, and served on the Committee of Detail, which produced the first draft of the United States Constitution and he also proposed the Electoral College.

After the convention, he campaigned for the ratification of the document, and his “speech in the statehouse yard” was reprinted in newspapers throughout the country.

In publishing Wilson’s “Speech in the State House Yard” in Philadelphia on 6 October 1787, 11 days prior to “The Old Whig” essay, one newspaper of the times started their reportage of the event as follow:

“Mr. Wilson then rose, and delivered a long and eloquent speech upon the principles of the Federal Constitution proposed by the late Convention.”

“The outlines of this speech we shall endeavor to lay before the public, as tending to reflect great light upon the interesting subject now in general discussion.”

end quotes

That, of course, was back before corporate control of the media in this country and its attendant thought control and censorship that we witness today from the likes of BIG BROTHER FACEBOOK and its ilk in this country who are protecting democracy in America by making it their possession while denying it to the rest of us because BIG BROTHER FACEBOOK considers us too stupid to be able tho think for ourselves, nor should we be allowed to, if democracy is going to work the way they want it to in their corporate plutocracy (an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth) in support of the Democrat oligarchy (a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution) they are working to create.

Getting back to the Wilson speech, which serves as a benchmark, as we shall see, as to exactly how degraded and ignorant our “political discourse” in this highly divided and troubled nation has become since that time, and here I am specifically referencing Queen Empress Kamala’s spew of mindless and ignorant hobble-gobble at the Iowa State Democrats’ recent Liberty and Justice dinner, it started as follows, to wit:

“Mr. Chairman and Fellow Citizens: Having received the honor of an appointment to represent you in the late Convention, it is perhaps my duty to comply with the request of many gentlemen whose characters and judgments I sincerely respect, and who have urged that this would be a proper occasion to lay before you any information which will serve to explain and elucidate the principles and arrangements of the Constitution, that has been submitted to the consideration of the United States.”

end quotes

Now, notice two things in there, to wit: first of all, unlike Queen Empress Kamala at the Iowa State Democrats’ recent Liberty and Justice dinner where she was addressing her fellow Democrats who comprise around 33% of the American people, a minority faction in America that rightly could be called the lunatic fringe (an extreme or eccentric minority within society or a group) of the American body politic (the people of a nation, state, or society considered collectively as an organized group of citizens, as in “individual dissent was considered necessary to the health of the body politic”), James Wilson was addressing “Fellow Citizens,” which would be all of us, at least before we became a nation of consumers, instead, and notice the lack of shrill, hysterical fear-mongering we were getting from Queen Empress Kamala at the Iowa State Democrats’ recent Liberty and Justice dinner, as well, which takes us back to his speech as follows:

“I confess that I am unprepared for so extensive and so important a disquisition; but the insidious attempts which are clandestinely and industriously made to pervert and destroy the new plan, induce me the more readily to engage in its defense; and the impressions of four months constant attention to the subject have not been so easily effaced as to leave me without an answer to the objections which have been raised.”

end quotes

Now, there we have statesmanship (a wise, skillful, and respected political leader) as it existed at the time of this nation’s political beginnings where James Wilson, incidentally an immigrant to this country from Scotland, was addressing the people at large.

Compare that with Queen Empress Kamala skulking around as she was doing at the Iowa State Democrats’ recent Liberty and Justice dinner, addressing a handful of people in America, as follows with this undignified shrill shrieking, to wit:

“While this president of course didn’t bring the virus to our shores, his reckless disregard for the well-being of the American people has claimed more than 215,000 lives,” Harris said.

“This is the greatest failure of any American presidency.”

end quotes

To which I can only reply, oh BULL****, Queen Empress Kamala!

In the light of operative reality, much of which exists here in previous episodes of the Cape Charles Mirror such as “42 percent of all COVID deaths come from three states” on July 12, 2020 http://www.capecharlesmirror.com/news/4 ... ee-states/ and especially “Nursing Homes and residential care facilities account for substantial coronavirus deaths” on May 10, 2020 http://www.capecharlesmirror.com/news/n ... rus-death/ , which operative reality Queen Empress Kamala is obviously not in touch with, being a part of the lunatic fringe herself as well as a symbol of it, all that can be said of Queen Empress Kamala is that she is full of **** when she claims that Trump is personally responsible for the deaths of more than 215,000 people in America.

Democrat Andy Cuomo, the governor of New York, and his health commissioner Howie Zucker, known as “Doctor Death” here in America themselves own a goodly share of those deaths as their personal body count, which is certainly the greatest failure of any American governorship, which takes us to an Albany, New York Times Union article by Chris Churchill on Oct. 16, 2020 entitled “Churchill: Failings of Cuomo’s new book outweigh its charms – ‘American Crisis,’ released Tuesday, purports to offer leadership lessons but falls short on honesty,” where we were treated to the following with regard to COVID, to wit:

ALBANY — Since you are all good and earnest citizens, I know you’re making your way through “American Crisis,” the new book by Andrew Cuomo.

What page are you on?

Me, I’ve read all the …

What’s that?

You’re not reading it?


Well, then I’ll tell you the memoir released Tuesday is a meandering, day-by-day account from the darkest days of New York’s battle with the coronavirus crisis.

The mythic hero of the book is … you can guess it … Andrew Cuomo!

By the governor’s telling, he’s the brave truth-teller who fought an inept president, reassured a fearful public, put partisan politics aside, tamed a novel virus and is now available to offer “leadership lessons.”

end quotes

And that is the horse**** Queen Empress Kamala was channeling at the recent Iowa State Democrats’ recent Liberty and Justice dinner with her undignified shrill shrieking that “(W)hile this president of course didn’t bring the virus to our shores, his reckless disregard for the well-being of the American people has claimed more than 215,000 lives.”

Getting back to Chris Churchill, we have:

The fatal flaw with “American Crisis,” though, is that Cuomo remains largely unwilling to admit policy mistakes, particularly those involving the coronavirus.

end quotes

And the fatal flaw of Queen Empress Kamala is that she too remains totally unwilling to admit those policy mistakes, because if she did, that would blunt her attacks on Trump, as if it were he who bears responsibility for Democrat Andy Cuomo’s flawed judgments as opposed to Democrat Andy Cuomo bearing that responsibility himself, because Democrats don’t talk smack about other Democrats; rather, they cover over for them and cast the blame elsewhere as Queen Empress Kamala is clearly doing here, which of course is dishonest, but hey, Queen Empress Kamala is a Democrat, so that is what we are stuck with in her case – shrill shrieking, hysteria-mongering and outright lies, which takes us back to Chris Churchill, as follows:

Or maybe the politician in Cuomo remains too arrogant or ambitious to acknowledge errors.

The most outrageous example is the book’s relatively short segment on nursing homes.

Of course, Cuomo has come under hot criticism, here and elsewhere, for a state order requiring that nursing homes admit COVID-19 patients.

It was an awful policy, and the governor would do well to admit it was flawed.

Instead, he uses “American Crisis” to duck responsibility and gaslight, claiming that the March 25 order wasn’t what it clearly was, that it didn’t do any actual harm and that only right-wing media cares.

It is all, to use a favorite Cuomo word, baloney.

In the book, Cuomo cites a discredited state report blaming employees for introducing the virus to nursing homes.

He suggests nursing homes didn’t actually take in COVID patients, though his own health department says more than 6,300 were transferred to them.

Worse, he uses a bogus number to falsely claim, once again, that New York ranks low in the percentage of overall deaths tied to nursing homes.

As many of you know, the state’s official nursing home tally of more than 6,600 fatalities is a significant undercount that excludes residents who ultimately died in hospitals.

Other states don’t count nursing home deaths that way, and, despite numerous requests and even a lawsuit, Cuomo has refused to release the honest number.

And you won’t find it in his book.

end quotes

So, what’s the bottom line here?

Simple, if you want the person one heartbeat away from the oval office to be somebody chock full of **** who can be depended on to lie to you as if you were stupid, get out and vote early and often for Queen Empress Kamala Harris, and your wish will be fulfilled!

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Re: Just musings, is all

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THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR October 26, 2020 at 7:09 pm

Paul Plante says:

Given that We, the American people, regardless of skin color, still have some time before the November presidential election to ponder whither will this nation go if Joseph “Corn Pop” Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, Queen Empress Kamala, gain the White House, this in light of the fact that Queen Empress Kamala is on the ballot because a Marxist-inspired racist movement bent on ending white supremacy in this country forever and disrupting our stable, law-abiding and caring nuclear families because Marxism demands it, we need to ask ourselves this very serious question, to wit: What are the ramifications and implications of putting someone into the office of vice president who is backed by a Marxist-inspired racist movement known as BLACK LIVES MATTER?

Should we be concerned about the position of Queen Empress Kamala with regard to disrupting our stable, law-abiding and caring nuclear families – where she stands on that, and does she plan on using the powers of her office through executive orders to make that BLACK LIVES MATTER goal happen under her administration?

As to BLACK LIVES MATTER, Alicia Garza, the BLACK LIVES MATTER founder who demanded that “Corn Pop” Biden make a woman of color his vice president, as if our government has now been divvied up into territories owned and controlled by race, so that the office of vice president now belongs to the Black folks, she is famously quoted as saying, “(T)he reality is that race in the United States operates on a spectrum from black to white.”

“Doesn’t mean that people who are in between don’t experience racism, but it means that the closer you are to white on that spectrum, the better off you are.”

“And the closer to black that you are on that spectrum, the worse off your are.”

end quotes

Which is ignorant, whiny horse****.

But what does Queen Empress Kamala have to say about it, given that on that spectrum, she is closer to Black than white, and so, because of that, she shouldn’t even be in politics, let alone a vice presidential candidate?

As to Patrice Cullors, another founder of BLACK LIVES MATTER, is quoted as saying “(T)he black radical agenda, which pushes us closer to freedom and the agenda to which I subscribe, calls for an eradication of white supremacy and an adoption of values and traditions endowed from the black experience.”

Does Queen Empress Kamala also subscribe to that same black radical agenda which calls for an eradication of white supremacy and an adoption of values and traditions endowed from the black experience?

Is that something we should perhaps know before election day, before it is too late, and not after?

Think about it, and here’s the thing – we can choose a better future.

So why shouldn’t we?

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Re: Just musings, is all

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THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR October 26, 2020 at 6:06 pm

Paul Plante says:

As a combat veteran who has been demonized quite publicly and held up to ridicule because of PTSD, which was used as a political weapon against me, it is my thought that if Congresswoman Luria really wants to strike a blow for freedom from the shackles of PTSD that bind so many people in this very troubled nation, then instead of shipping our tax dollars over to Israel, especially in a time of sky-high deficits with no end in sight, Congresswoman Luria should simply do a literature search which is so easy even for those just about totally computer illiterate by typing into GOOGLE search term “coping strategies for ptsd” and a veritable host of sites come up including “Scholarly articles for coping strategies for ptsd.”

Or she should simply go to the National Institute of Health site.

And to really strike a blow for freedom and equality, she should stand up on the floor of the House of Representatives when in full session and she should read this following letter to the full House and when done, ask all her fellow members why a decorated and disabled combat veteran has been treated this way, and what does the House intend to do about it:

10 April 2014

Hon. Barack Obama
United States President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Because I would not take bribes, Mr. President, in the words of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in early-1989, I upset “some of the most powerful men in Rensselaer County,” and my boss, the Rensselaer County public health director, could no longer “protect” me.

To my continued horror, on Wednesday, February 22, 1989, the Troy, New York RECORD, the newspaper of record for Rensselaer County in New York state ran an article wherein Deputy Rensselaer County Attorney Gordon Mayo was quoted as follows:

“Mayo said Plante suffers from a post-combat stress condition that could result in irrational behavior.”

“Plante is a Vietnam veteran.”

end quotes

There, Mr. President, is what stigmatization of combat veterans with PTSD as a means of political retaliation looks like in real life.

Because I would not take bribes, I was publicly branded by Rensselaer County as being “irrational.”

That label, which was pinned on myself and every other Viet Nam veteran, as well, has destroyed my life to this day.

Any hopes I might have had for being a good, productive American citizen, perhaps a person in the middle class, upon my return to this country from Viet Nam disappeared in smoke that day when that news article was published.

All Viet Nam veterans with PTSD suffer from a post-combat stress condition that could result in irrational behavior.

It is true because it was published in a newspaper of record and never retracted or refuted by a person of responsibility in the government.

All the years I spent rehabilitating myself as a productive citizen upon my return from Viet Nam, the years I spent in engineering school, the hours I spent getting a master’s degree on a fellowship from the USEPA so I could be a responsible public servant in America were all for naught, Mr. President.

After being publicly branded by the Deputy Rensselaer County Attorney, an authority figure, in the February 22, 1989 Troy, New York RECORD as being a Viet Nam veteran suffering from a post-combat stress condition that could result in irrational behavior, my career as a responsible, law-abiding public health engineer in service to the community was over, and my life as a fugitive began, for once the government has branded you as being irrational you can no longer fulfill the functions of an engineer, because you cannot be trusted with the public trust.


Paul R. Plante

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