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Paul Plante says:

And once again, before we go back to the transcript of the obviously scripted Lizzie and Cassidy Show on PRIMETIME TV where they are taking turns condemning and vilifying Trump in absentia, which would make Joe Stalin very proud of them, we just had a new development in this story that may well be as a result of the Cape Charles Mirror, the only news media that I know of in this country that had the guts to question just who the hell Cassidy Hutchinson really is, and what hold she had on people in Washington, D.C. that landed her STAR BILLING in this televised FARCE being put on by Nancy Pelosi’s WITCH HUNTERS in an effort to influence the November mid-terms in favor of Pelosi’s Democrats by demonizing their opponents, the Republicans, this while all the other media were praising her as a brave hero and fawning on every word she uttered, as if she were a paragon of virtue in a den of thieves, which takes us to a Business Insider article titled “EXCLUSIVE: Cassidy Hutchinson kept working for Donald Trump for nine weeks after he left the White House, government records show” by Dave Levinthal and C. Ryan Barber on 1 August 2022, where we have Cassidy, the alleged quintessential patriotic American hero disgusted with Trump and out to save our sacred democracy from Trump, who wants to steal it from us, beginning to look like Cassidy the fraud, to wit:

Cassidy Hutchinson, the former Trump White House aide who emerged as a star witness for the US House committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, continued working on the former president’s behalf for nine weeks after he left office, according to government records exclusively obtained by Insider.

Hutchinson served as a “coordinator” for Trump’s official, taxpayer-funded post-presidential office from about January 20, 2021, to April 1, 2021, earning an annualized salary of $90,000, the General Services Administration documents state.

end quotes

And my goodness, people, how about that!

And just above here, again thanks to the good offices of the Cape Charles Mirror, the only publication in America that has seen through this scripted horse**** right from the beginning, we had this same Cassidy telling us as follows:

CASSIDY HUTCHINSON: As a staffer that worked to always represent the administration to the best of my ability and to showcase the good things that he had done for the country, I remember feeling frustrated and disappointed, and really it felt personal.

I — I was really sad.

As an American, I was disgusted.

It was unpatriotic.

It was un-American.

We were watching the Capitol building get defaced over a lie, and it was something that was really hard in that moment to digest, knowing what I’ve been hearing down the hall and the conversations that were happening.

Seeing that tweet come up and knowing what was happening on the Hill, and it’s something that I — it’s still — I still struggle to work through the emotions of that.

end quotes

So what was she doing with her emotions and her sadness and her disgust between 7 January 2021 and April 1, 2021, while she was earning an annualized salary of $90,000?

And if she was so disgusted, instead of continuing to collect her paycheck, a handsome sum for a young woman just out of a college nobody has heard about with a bachelor’s degree in political science, why didn’t she resign like Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews along with Cabinet members Secretary Chao and Secretary DeVos?

Because the money was too good?

Because where else was she going to make $90,000 per year with a worthless college degree in poly sci, and hey, a girl does have to look out for her future, afterall, even if it means compromising values you don’t really have to begin with, which takes us back to the story, to wit:

Hutchinson’s whereabouts immediately after January 6 have been the subject of considerable scrutiny and uncertainty.

Bloomberg reported days after the attack that Hutchinson might join Trump in Florida, but Trump has stated he hardly knew her and turned her down.

The Washington Post in June reported that Hutchinson did not have a full-time job after her White House tenure ended.

Hutchinson’s testimony included vivid descriptions of Trump’s efforts on January 6 to rally protestors — including those he knew were armed — and efforts to personally join the mob that attacked the Capitol.

Trump argued with Secret Service agents who refused to drive him there from the Ellipse near the National Mall, and then, enraged, threw his lunch at a White House wall upon returning to the presidential residence, Hutchinson testified.

Hutchinson is now cooperating with the parallel investigation by the Justice Department, which contacted her following her June appearance before the House January 6 committee.

Hutchinson and her lawyers did not respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

Insider obtained the documents disclosing Hutchinson’s identity as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed against the US General Services Administration in October 2021.

The news organization, which initially filed its FOIA requests in early 2021, said the Biden administration-led GSA was in violation of federal law by failing to publicly release a full accounting of staff members for the post-presidency offices of both Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence.

While the GSA has since released some staffers’ names, it continues to withhold others.

Until now, Hutchinson’s identity was among those withheld.

Releasing the withheld names risked “exposing the staffers to unwanted intrusions and potential harassment,” according to a July 29 statement filed in US District Court for the District of Columbia on the GSA’s behalf by Department of Justice attorneys.

The signatories included US Attorney Matthew Graves, who Biden nominated.

GSA Associate General Counsel Daniel F. Hall likewise wrote that, “on balance, each staffer’s privacy interest in non-disclosure outweighed the public’s interest in disclosure.”

But “in light of media coverage” involving Hutchinson, “voluntary release of [her] name is appropriate at this particular time,” Hall wrote in a letter to Insider.

The letter, included in the Biden administration’s July 29 court filing, identified Hutchinson as a one-time Trump post-presidential transition team staff member.

“Cassidy Hutchinson’s name was released because of media coverage following her testimony before Congress — not because of her role (“coordinator”) on the transition,” Graves and two colleagues separately wrote to the court.

The government documents do not specify what kind of work Hutchinson performed while serving as a member of Trump’s post-presidency office, formally known as the “Presidential Transition Support Team, 2021 Outgoing Transition.”

The documents do indicate that Hutchinson did her work from Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, DC, and not Palm Beach, Florida.

A handful of other post-presidency staffers worked from Florida while Trump resided at his Mar-a-Lago resort after leaving the White House.

During this period between January 20, 2021, and April 1, 2021, Trump’s post-presidency period had already hit extreme turbulence.

The US House impeached him for a second time in two years, with the Senate voting to acquit him — and quashing Democrats’ hope of denying him the right to ever again run for federal office.

But Democrats, and a few Republicans, too, had already initiated efforts at the local, state, and federal levels to investigate Trump’s role in the January 6 attacks specifically, and attempts to undermine the 2020 presidential election, broadly.

In all, Trump’s post-presidency office featured 17 staff members who earned publicly funded salaries, including two of Trump’s top White House aides: Stephen Miller and Dan Scavino.

But as recently as early June, the Biden administration argued in federal court that there was “no discernible public interest” in disclosing the identities of three of these staffers — including the one now known to be Hutchinson — who earned taxpayer-funded paychecks working for Trump after he left office.

end quotes

So how about that, people!

And once again, we owe the Cape Charles Mirror a debt of gratitude for having the courage to keep this murky story alive as the main-stream and legacy media have been striving to make this Cassidy out as a true American hero

What a crock!

But the story does not end here, so stay tuned!

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Re: Just musings, is all

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Paul Plante says:

So now, as we continue to digest this EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY of STAR WITNESS Cassidy Hutchinson in the 28 June episode of NANCY PELOSI’S WITCH HUNTERS PRESENT SCRIPTED POLITICAL BULL**** on PRIMETIME TV to an audience of millions, thanks to the Cape Charles Mirror, we now know that despite her “sworn testimony” on 28 June 2022, which term translates in Washington, D.C. SPEAK as “most likely is lying,” about her “feeling frustrated and disappointed” on 6 January 2021 and “really it felt personal,” and her being “really sad,” and “as an American,” she “was disgusted,” because “it was unpatriotic and it was un-American,” because she was watching the Capitol building get defaced over a lie, and it was something for her that was really hard in that moment to digest, and it’s something that she still “struggles to work through the emotions of that,” nonetheless, instead of resigning, she continued to work for Trump for 85 more days until April 1, 2021,

And now we further know from a Politico article above dated May 12, 2022 and titled “Jan. 6 investigation subpoenas McCarthy, Jordan, 3 other House Republicans – The select panel’s moves target some of former President Donald Trump’s closest allies, demanding testimony within days” by Kyle Cheney and Nicholas Wu, that before her 28 June 2022 appearance on PRIMETIME TV giving EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY as the WITCH HUNTER’S STAR WITNESS that Cassidy had been in regular contact with the WITCH HUNTERS to get her story straight and her lines down pat, as follows:

Cassidy Hutchinson, a close aide to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, told the select committee that Jordan was regularly in contact with the White House amid strategizing efforts centered on keeping Trump in office.

end quotes

But, of course, from all these clips and soundbites of her that Lizzie Cheney keeps presenting, it is obvious that prior to her appearance on 28 June 2022, she had been participating in what appear to be rehearsals or coaching sessions, which takes us back to the DRAMA on 28 June 2022, where Cassidy is going to make more heads roll with her EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY, and once again, you are warned that this is going to be some very heavy duty drama coming up here, so please make sure that you are firmly seated, to wit:

LIZ CHENEY: And Ms. Hutchinson, did you understand that Ivanka Trump wanted her father to send people home?

CASSIDY HUTCHINSON: That’s my understanding, yes.

end quotes

And seriously, people, what on earth does Ivanka Trump, the first daughter of Donald Trump, have to do with anything here?

And from this testimony and line of questioning by Lizzie Cheney, can we infer that it is Hunter Biden who is controlling what Joe Biden does as president, because Hunter is his son, as Ivanka was Trump’s daughter?

And while we ponder the implications of that in the case of Joe and Hunter Biden, let’s go back to the show on 28 June 2022, as follows:

LIZ CHENEY: Let’s play a clip of you addressing that issue.

[Begin videotape]

CASSIDY HUTCHINSON: I remember her saying at various points, you know, she wants him — she wanted her dad to send them home.

She wanted her dad to tell them to go home peacefully, and she wanted to include language that he necessarily wasn’t on board with at the time.

[End videotape]

Now, I don’t know if any of you out there in the listening audience have ever confronted a mob of several thousand people and tried to make them all go home, but exactly how was Trump going to control this mob at the capitol when he was sitting in the white house, and even if he was at the capitol how then was he going to control the mob?

And if Trump was supposed to control this mob, then why didn’t Nancy Pelosi control the BLACK LIVES MATTERS mob when they were rampaging in Washington, D.C.?

And again, while we ponder that, let us go back for more of this drama, to wit:

LIZ CHENEY: You will hear more about this at our later hearings, but we have evidence of many others imploring Donald Trump and Mark Meadows to take action.

Here is some of that evidence, text messages sent to Mark Meadows during the attack.

This is a text message at 2:32 from Laura Ingraham, hey, Mark, the president needs to tell people in the Capitol to go home.

In the next message, this is hurting all of us.

And then, he’s destroying his legacy and playing into every stereotype.

We lose all credibility against the BLM/Antifa crowd if things go south.

end quotes

Now, let me say here that I am old enough to remember many mobs rampaging in Washington, D.C., especially during the VEET NAM times, and the mobs rampaging in Chicago in 1968 during the Democrat national convention, and the so-called Dow riots in 1967, an anti-war protest on the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus, Oct. 18, 1967, when hundreds of students protesting recruiters from Dow Chemical, the makers of napalm, blocked access to the University’s Commerce Building and Madison police removed them by force where dozens of students were beaten bloody, tear gas was used for the first time in an anti-war demonstration, and 19 police officers were treated at local hospitals, which violence of the event was credited with politicizing thousands of previously apathetic students and helping to transform the Madison campus into one of the nation’s leading anti-war communities, and the Rodney King riots, and on and on and on, and to date, I have never seen anyone, including American presidents, being able to make them “go home peacefully,” so exactly how was Trump to do that on 6 January 2021 once the mob was assembled and set in motion?

But WHOA, we are not to think logically and rationally here, we are supposed to use our passions and emotions because the goal is to LYNCH Trump, so let’s go back to the show for more, as follows:

LIZ CHENEY: The president’s son, Don Jr., also urgently contacted Mark Meadows at 2:53.

He wrote, he’s got to condemn this shit ASAP.

The Capitol Police tweet is not enough.

end quotes

And the “Capitol Police TWEET” just referenced there is as follows, as if a TWEET or a hundred TWEETS or a thousand TWEETS on 6 January 2021 were going to matter to a mob that most likely was not tuned into TWITTER while they were rampaging, as follows:

2:38 p.m. Trump tweets again, calling for support of the Capitol Police and law enforcement.

He urges people to “stay peaceful.”

end quotes

But again, people, we are supposed to be emotional here, not rational, so back to Lizzie and her EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY we go, to wit:

LIZ CHENEY: As you will see, these are just two of the numerous examples of Trump supporters and allies urging the president to tell his supporters to leave, the Capitol.

It would not have been hard for the president to simply walk down to the briefing room a few feet down the hall from the Oval Office, as Norah O’Donnell noted during an interview with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, where Leader McCarthy said he believed the attack was un-American.

[Begin videotape]

NORAH O’DONNELL: I want to quickly bring in Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader.

Leader McCarthy, do you condemn this violence?

KEVIN MCCARTHY: I completely condemn the violence in the Capitol.

What we’re currently watching unfold is un-American.

I am — I’m disappointed.

I’m sad.

This is not what our country should look like.

This is not who we are.

This is not the First Amendment.

This has to stop and this has to stop now.

end quotes

And for the record, if we go to the Congressional Record – United States of America PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE 117th CONGRESS, FIRST SESSION Vol. 167, WASHINGTON, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, 2021 No. 4, we find that this same Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, made a lengthy floor speech to that effect just after 9 p.m. when the vote count was beginning as follows:


Madam Speaker, I rise for a point of personal privilege to address the House for 5 minutes.


The gentleman from California is recognized for 5 minutes.


Madam Speaker, I rise to address what happened in this Chamber today and where do we go from here.

The violence, destruction, and chaos we saw earlier was unacceptable, undemocratic, and un-American.

It was the saddest day I have ever had serving as a Member of this institution.

end quotes

Going back to the show on 28 June 2022, it continues as follows:

NORAH O’DONNELL: Leader McCarthy, the president of the United States has a briefing room steps from the Oval Office.

It is — the cameras are hot 24/7, as you know.

Why hasn’t he walked down and said that now?

KEVIN MCCARTHY: I — I conveyed to the president what I think is best to do, and I’m hopeful the president will do it.

[End videotape]

So now we are to believe that these several thousand rioters, while rioting, are also watching TV to see if Trump is going to say something to them while they are rioting, which premise is absolutely absurd, as is this whole proceeding, but it is SHOW BUSINESS, people, so it is not supposed to make sense, just stir emotions, and with that said, let’s go get our emotions stirred some more, as follows:

LIZ CHENEY: Republican House member Mike Gallagher also implored the president to call off the attack.

[Begin videotape]

MIKE GALLAGHER: Mr. President, you have got to stop this.

You are the only person who can call this off.

Call it off.

The election is over.

Call it off.

This is bigger than you.

It’s bigger than any member of Congress.

It is about the United States of America, which is more important than any politician.

Call it off.

It’s over.

[End videotape]

LIZ CHENEY: Despite the fact that many people close to Donald Trump were urging him to send people home, he did not do so until later, much later.

At 4:17 PM, Donald Trump finally told the rioters to go home and that he loved them.

Here’s a portion of the video President Trump recorded from the White House.

[Begin videotape]

DONALD TRUMP: We have to have peace, so go home.

We love you.

You’re very special.

You’ve seen what happens.

You see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil.

I know how you feel, but go home and go home in peace.

[End videotape]

And wow, people, with all of that before us, and our emotions stirred to the melting point, let’s once more pause for station identification and two-and-a-half uninterrupted hours of your favorite commercials, and once again, we will be back with more of this thrilling show, so again, don’t change that dial.

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Re: Just musings, is all

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Paul Plante says:

And as this so-called EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY in the 28 June episode of NANCY PELOSI’S WITCH HUNTERS PRESENT SCRIPTED POLITICAL BULL**** on PRIMETIME TV of STAR WITNESS Cassidy Hutchinson, whose bio says she was born c. 1996, as if she wasn’t truly certain what year she was born, but which would make her 25 years of age in 2021 if she was born in 1996, gets more and more bizarre, with Cassidy knowing the innermost thoughts of Donald Trump on 6 January 2021 because of a rare ability of Cassidy to be able to actually read, a valuable skill to possess in Washington, D.C., where knowledge is power, let’s once again trudge back to the transcript for this vivid example of Cassidy knowing all of what was going on in Trump’s head that day as the mob was rampaging at the capitol, to wit:

LIZ CHENEY: But as we will show in even greater detail in future hearings, Donald Trump was reluctant to put this message out and he still could not bring himself to condemn the attack.

Ms. Hutchinson has told us that, too.

end quotes

People, if you need to know anything at all about what really took place on the inside of Trump’s head on 6 January 2021, you need go no further than Cassidy Hutchinson for the answer on a minute by minute basis, as we clearly see in the following colloquy, to wit:

[Begin Videotape]

The one that he put out at 4:17?

CASSIDY HUTCHINSON: I’m sure you’ve discussed it.

And just to elaborate if I hadn’t already, at that point I recall him being reluctant to film the video on the 6th.

I was not involved in any of the logistics or the planning for that video.

I just remember seeing the video go out and feeling a little shocked after it went out.

[End Videotape]

So, okay, people, there we have it, and sometime down the road, if your children or grandchildren ever ask you if you have ever heard real EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY in your lifetime, just point them to that, because there it is, right in plain sight, which takes us back for more DYNAMITE REVELATIONS from Cassidy about what the inside of Donald Trump’s head really looked like on 6 January 2021, to wit:

LIZ CHENEY: On the evening of January 6th and the day after the President’s family and his senior staff and others tried to encourage the President to condemn the violence and commit to the peaceful transition of power.

At 3:31 p.m. on January 6th, Sean Hannity of Fox News texted Mark Meadows.

Mr. Hannity said quote, “Can he make a statement.”

“I saw the tweet.”

“Ask people to leave the [Capitol].”

Later that evening Mr. Hannity sent another text message to Mark Meadows.

This time he shared a link to a tweet.

That tweet reported that President Trump’s cabinet secretaries were considering invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office.

As you can see on the screen, the 25th Amendment to the Constitution creates a process for the transition of power if a President is unfit or unable to serve.

The 25th Amendment has never been used to remove a President.

But the committee has learned that after the attack on the US Capitol this was being discussed by members of President Trump’s cabinet as a way of stripping the full power of the presidency from Donald Trump.

end quotes

And with this talk about members of Trump’s cabinet using the 25th Amendment on 6 January 2021 as a way of stripping the full power of the presidency from Trump, and Lizzie Cheney testifying that the 25th Amendment has never been used to remove a President, to clarify the record with respect to Trump and the 25th Amendment, we need to drop back in time to September 5, 2018, long before 6 January 2021, and a Marketwatch article titled “New York Times publishes anti-Trump op-ed from what it says is senior administration official” by Steve Goldstein, where we learn as follows concerning Trump and the 25th Amendment, to wit:

The New York Times on Wednesday took what it said was a “rare step” of publishing an anonymous opinion article from what the newspaper called “a senior official in the Trump administration.”

There’s no independent way of corroborating the article, short of a textual analysis that this author is incapable of producing.

But taken at its word, the op-ed is notable in a few ways.

The author says “we want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous.”

“But we believe our first duty is to this country, and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.”

The author claims to be an appointee who is “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.”

The author calls President Donald Trump “amoral” as well as “generally anti-trade and anti-democratic.”

“Meetings with him veer off topic and off the rails, he engages in repetitive rants, and his impulsiveness results in half-baked, ill-informed and occasionally reckless decisions that have to be walked back,” says the author, who counts him or herself as one of the “adults in the room.”

One revelation is that there were “early whispers” of invoking the 25th Amendment but that “no one wanted to precipitate a constitutional crisis.”

end quotes

So long before 6 January 2021, the 25th Amendment train with regard to Trump, according to this anonymous person who happens to be “one of the adults in the room,” was already rolling down the tracks which in turn brings us to a CBS News article titled “McCabe: Possible ‘inappropriate relationship’ between Trump, Russia prompted probe” by Emily Tillett on 17 February 2019, for more talk about the 25th Amendment as a means to remove Trump from office, to wit:

Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said the possibility of an “inappropriate relationship” between President Trump and the government of Russia prompted his decision to launch obstruction of justice and counterintelligence investigations into the president.

end quotes

McCabe, as we will recall, was fired in March 2018 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the Justice Department’s inspector general determined he had misled internal investigators about his involvement in a news media leak, which firing was the subject of a Politico article by Myah Ward on 10/14/2021 titled “‘I don’t feel free’: McCabe expects to remain Trump target after winning back pension,” where we have even more political drama and intrigue from the bowels of Washington, D.C., as follows:

McCabe sued in 2019, saying his firing was an effort by Trump to purge the FBI of officials he saw as disloyal.

McCabe became acting director of the FBI after Trump fired James Comey, who was leading an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

McCabe has repeatedly denied deception.

He has not faced criminal charges and has said his firing was politically motivated.

In an interview with CNN Thursday night, he again said “never at any time did I mislead anyone.”

“This was clearly an act of vindication against a perceived political enemy,” McCabe said, adding that the current DOJ is “standing up for fairness and standing up for the rule of law.”

“In the settlement agreement itself, they agree that members of the executive branch should not interfere in internal personnel matters because it creates the appearance of political influence,” he said.

McCabe didn’t mince his words when it came to talking about the toll the process has taken on his family.

“I can’t tell you what this has been like going through.”

“What this whole vindictive campaign has put my wife through.”

“My children.”

“My parents,” he said.

“I mean, to know that you essentially have a target on your back from the most powerful person in the world.”

“… It was like upside-down world.”

And McCabe doesn’t think he’s seen the end of it.

“I don’t feel free.”

“I don’t kid myself to think that the president is going to put aside his horrific judgment, his constant lying and his tormenting of me and my family,” he said.

“I’m sure this will just add another log to the fire.”

“He’ll probably be saying all kinds of things about it tomorrow.”

“But you know what?”

“I’m just to the point where I don’t care.”

“I don’t care what that guy has to say.”

end quotes

And talk about a drama queen, I would say Andy McCabe runs a close second to Cassidy Hutchinson, which takes us back to the CBS story and the 25th Amendment in 2019, to wit:

In a clip that aired on “Face the Nation” from McCabe’s “60 Minutes” interview, McCabe told correspondent Scott Pelley he launched the investigations shortly after speaking with Mr. Trump on details surrounding the dramatic 2017 firing of McCabe’s own boss, former FBI Director James Comey.

“It’s many of those same concerns that caused us to be concerned about a national security threat.”

“And the idea is, if the president committed obstruction of justice, fired the director of the FBI to negatively impact or to shut down our investigation of Russia’s malign activity and possibly in support of his campaign, as a counterintelligence investigator you have to ask yourself, ‘Why would a president of the United States do that?'” McCabe said.

He added, “So all those same sorts of facts cause us to wonder, is there an inappropriate relationship, a connection between this president and our most fearsome enemy, the government of Russia?”

In the interview, which will air on “60 Minutes” on Sunday, McCabe told Pelley he briefly discussed the 25th Amendment with then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

McCabe said Rosenstein “raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort.”

McCabe’s spokesperson, Melissa Schwartz, said in a statement to CBS News’ Paula Reid on Friday that “at no time did Mr. McCabe participate in any extended discussions about the use of the 25th Amendment, nor is he aware of any such discussions.”

end quotes


McCabe tells the world on “60 Minutes” that he briefly discussed the 25th Amendment with then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and then McCabe’s spokesperson, Melissa Schwartz, tells CBS News’ Paula Reid that “at no time did Mr. McCabe participate in any extended discussions about the use of the 25th Amendment, nor is he aware of any such discussions?”

Uh, okay, people, and if you are confused by that, just consider that we are not talking about the rational world here, we are talking about Washington. D.C., where we should not expect anything that emanates from down there in what used to be a perfectly good and productive swamp before Washington. D.C. came along and ruined it, to make a lick of sense, because it doesn’t, and that takes us to an Associated Press article titled “Ex-FBI official: ‘Crime may have been committed’ by Trump” by Eric Tucker on 18 February 2019, for more 25th Amendment talk, to wit:

WASHINGTON — Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said in an interview that aired Sunday that a “crime may have been committed” when President Donald Trump fired the head of the FBI and tried to publicly undermine an investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia.

McCabe also said in the interview with “60 Minutes” that the FBI had good reason to open a counterintelligence investigation into whether Trump was in league with Russia, and therefore a possible national security threat, following the May 2017 firing of then-FBI Director James Comey.

Asked whether Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was onboard with the obstruction and counterintelligence investigations, McCabe replied, “Absolutely.”

In the interview Sunday, McCabe also said Rosenstein in the days after Comey’s firing had proposed wearing a wire to secretly record the president.

McCabe said he took the remark seriously, though the Justice Department last September — responding last September to a New York Times report that first revealed the conversation — issued a statement from an unnamed official who was in the room and interpreted the remark as sarcastic.

McCabe said the remark was made during a conversation about why Trump had fired Comey.

“And in the context of that conversation, the deputy attorney general offered to wear a wire into the White House.”

“He said, ‘I never get searched when I go into the White House.'”

“‘I could easily wear a recording device.'”

“‘They wouldn’t know it was there,'” McCabe said.

In excerpts released last week by CBS News, McCabe also described a conversation in which Rosenstein had broached the idea of invoking the Constitution’s 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat who is seeking her party’s nomination for president, told reporters after a campaign event Sunday in Las Vegas that if the people around Trump believe he cannot fulfill the obligations of his office, then they have a duty to invoke the 25th Amendment.

A favorite target of Trump’s ire, Warren said she has no special knowledge on whether there are grounds to remove Trump from office but said that “there are a whole lot of people who do see him every day who evidently were talking about invoking the 25th Amendment.”

end quotes

And from there we go to a NBC News story titled “McCabe says he told Congress ‘Gang of 8’ leaders about FBI probe into Trump, and they had no objection” by Allan Smith on 19 February 2019, where more 25th Amendment talk will surface, as follows:

Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe told NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday that he briefed congressional leaders about the counterintelligence investigation he had opened into President Donald Trump and that “no one objected.”

“That’s the important part here,” McCabe told Savannah Guthrie, who had asked if he had informed the “Gang of 8” bipartisan group of leaders on the Hill.

“No one objected.”

“Not on legal grounds, not on constitutional grounds and not based on the facts.”

The purpose of the briefing in 2017 was to let the congressional leadership, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, then-House Speaker Paul Ryan and their Democratic counterparts, know what the FBI was doing in the probe into Russian election interference and possible collusion by the Trump campaign, McCabe said.

“Opening a case of this nature (is) not something that an FBI director, not something that an acting FBI director would do by yourself, right?” McCabe said on “Today.”

“This was a recommendation that came to me from my team.”

“I reviewed it with our lawyers.”

“I discussed it at length with the deputy attorney general, and I told Congress what we had done.”

In that CBS interview, which aired in full on Sunday, McCabe said he ordered obstruction of justice and counterintelligence investigations into Trump after he fired Comey and said Rosenstein had discussed the possibility of removing Trump through the 25th Amendment in addition to wearing a wire during a future conversation with the president.

In a statement Thursday, the Justice Department disputed McCabe’s assertions in the interview, calling his recollections “inaccurate and factually incorrect.”

McCabe disputed the DOJ pushback in his Tuesday interview with NBC.

end quotes

Isn’t Washington, D.C. so fun, people?

And that takes us to a CNN article titled “McCabe: ‘I think it’s possible’ Trump is a Russian asset” by Kate Sullivan and Laura Jarrett on February 20, 2019, where the full court press to remove Trump from office continued, as follows:

(CNN) — Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said Tuesday it is possible President Donald Trump is a Russian asset.

“Do you still believe the President could be a Russian asset?” asked CNN’s Anderson Cooper during an interview with McCabe on “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“I think it’s possible.:

“I think that’s why we started our investigation, and I’m really anxious to see where (special counsel Robert) Mueller concludes that,” McCabe said.

McCabe is promoting his new book, “The Threat,” which paints a stark portrait of his time at the bureau under Trump, describing in vivid detail his version of interactions with top officials at the White House and Justice Department.

The book was released Tuesday and became an instant best-seller.

The former acting FBI director went on the record in that “60 Minutes” interview confirming some previous reports about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein: That he raised the idea of wiring himself to surreptitiously record interactions with the President, and mused about which Cabinet officials might support an effort to invoke the 25th Amendment to oust Trump from office.

Rosenstein has previously said that comment was mischaracterized.

end quotes

And back on February 8, 2018, WAMC had an article titled “‘The Unmaking Of The President 2016’ by Lanny Davis,” a very famous high-powered Democrat lawyer, by Joe Donahue, where Lanny puts in his two cents about the 25th Amendment, to wit:

Lanny J. Davis is a lawyer who served as special counsel to President Bill Clinton and was a spokesperson for the president and the White House on matters concerning campaign finance and other legal issues.

In his new book, “The Unmaking Of The President 2016: How FBI Director James Comey Cost Hillary Clinton The Presidency,” Davis puts forth his case for Donald Trump’s impeachment by showing how the actions of the FBI and Director James Comey in the months leading up to the 2016 election interfered with a fair, uncorrupt election.

Lanny Davis says his abuse of power since becoming president justifies initiating a serious investigation to impeach him or remove him for mental impairment under the 25th Amendment.

end quotes

And that takes us to a New York Times article titled “Trump and Pelosi Trade Barbs, Both Questioning the Other’s Fitness” by Glenn Thrush and Michael Tackett on 24 May 2019, where talk of the 25th Amendment will again surface, as follows:

WASHINGTON — The war of words between President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi escalated in dramatic fashion on Thursday, with each leader questioning the other’s temperament and mental fitness in an extraordinary exchange of personal insults.

The president, who has largely avoided direct personal attacks on the speaker, finally gave her a derogatory nickname — calling her “Crazy Nancy,” after Ms. Pelosi had suggested Mr. Trump’s behavior was so erratic it required an “intervention” from his family and staff.

Ms. Pelosi set out Thursday morning to pick a fight with Mr. Trump, three people close to her said, part of a strategy to unnerve a president who has defied the efforts of House Democrats to subpoena documents and summon witnesses to testify about his conduct.

But her decision to dramatize the fight also represented an embrace of Mr. Trump’s own signature political tactic: an attempt to divert attention from a divisive internal debate — in this case a drive by two dozen of her caucus members to push ahead with impeachment — with a headline-grabbing attack, in hopes of uniting her own political base.

For her part, Ms. Pelosi was intent on playing a two-pronged game: bashing Mr. Trump publicly while toiling in the Capitol to dissuade House Democrats from impeaching him.

Ms. Pelosi said on Thursday that House Democrats were “not on a path to impeachment,” even as she accused Mr. Trump of trying to whip her caucus into a distracting political battle by stonewalling congressional oversight.

Buoyed by two recent victories in court over the White House, Ms. Pelosi suggested that Mr. Trump was too unstable to govern.

The president’s theatrical scrapping of Wednesday’s infrastructure meeting at the White House raised questions about his temperament and behavior, she said.

Mr. Trump had “another temper tantrum,” she told reporters at her weekly news conference at the Capitol.

“Again, I pray for the president of the United States.”

“I wish that his family or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.”

On Wednesday, during a caucus meeting, she faced down calls from about 25 House Democrats who wanted her to move immediately on impeachment.

Earlier Thursday, during a closed-door session with her caucus, Ms. Pelosi made the case more explicitly, arguing that the president hoped to provoke impeachment in order to achieve public exoneration by the Republican-controlled Senate, which acts as the final arbiter on impeachment hearings.

For the moment, Ms. Pelosi seems to have stopped a mass defection of Democrats to the pro-impeachment cause.

But to do so, allies said, she must avoid the appearance that she is being soft on Mr. Trump.

That appears to mean amplifying her criticism of him, and giving public voice to opinions about the president that she has kept private until now.

On Thursday, she jokingly referenced the Constitution’s 25th Amendment, which allows for a president to be removed from office if it is determined that he is “unable to discharge the duties of the office.”

“Article 25,” Ms. Pelosi said, “that’s a good idea.”

An aide later said she was referring to the 25th Amendment.

end quotes

And that brings us to 8 January 2021 and a Philadelphia Inquirer article titled “Biden slams Capitol mob as ‘domestic terrorists’; Trump acknowledges new administration day after inciting riot and as calls grow for his removal” where the 25th Amendment is again discussed, to wit:

Members of Congress from the Philadelphia region joined a growing Democratic chorus Thursday urging President Donald Trump’s cabinet and Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from power.

If that long-shot effort doesn’t gain traction, many of them said they would support impeaching Trump a second time before he leaves office on Jan. 20.

President-elect Joe Biden called the participants in the mob “domestic terrorists.”

“Don’t dare call them protesters,” Biden said.

“They were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists.”

President-elect Joe Biden called the violent, Trump-inspired insurrectionists who broke into the Capitol on Wednesday, “domestic terrorists.”

“Don’t dare call them protesters,” Biden said on Thursday, before announcing his nominees for key positions in his Department of Justice, including Merrick Garland for Attorney General.

“They were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists.”

Biden did not answer questions about calls for the 25th Amendment to be activated to remove Trump from office.

Sen. Bob Casey (D., Pa.) joined a growing chorus of Democrats Thursday urging members of the Trump administration to invoke the 25th Amendment remove the president from office.

”President Trump is a threat to our domestic and national security.”

“It is self-evident that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

“I call on Vice President [Mike] Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and begin the process of removing the powers of the presidency from Donald Trump,” Casey said in a statement.

“This is the quickest way to protect our domestic and national security.”

Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.), Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D., Pa.), and Rep. Mike Doyle (D., Pa.) also joined the call, though any such action faces steep odds with just 13 days left in Trump’s term.

The amendment, which has never been invoked, allows for removing the president if the vice president and a majority of the cabinet votes that the president “is unable to discharge the powers and duties” of the office.

In that event, Pence would become president.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) has called for President Donald Trump to be immediately removed from office, calling Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol “an insurrection against the United States.”

“The quickest and most effective way — it can be done today — to remove this president from office would be for the vice president to immediately invoke the 25th amendment,” Schumer said in a statement.

“If the vice president and cabinet refuse to stand up Congress should reconvene to impeach the president.”

Schumer’s call to remove Trump garnered support from at least one Republican: Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R., Ill.), who called Trump “unfit” and “unwell” in remarks shared on Twitter Thursday morning.

end quotes

And with all of that to digest, let us again take a pause for station identification, and once again we will be back with more on the 25th Amendment, so stay tuned and don’t touch that dial.

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Re: Just musings, is all

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Paul Plante says:

And talk about the plotting of COUPS and INSURRECTIONS, people, and outright SEDITION a la the Catiline Conspiracy to take over Rome coupled with Brutus and Cassius and Dolabella conspiring with members of the Roman Senate to butcher Julius Caesar all joined together in a farcical, absurdist drama scripted by Mel Brooks as a sequel to “Blazing Saddles,” there we have it above here, not in my words, but as it was openly discussed in the MAIN-STREAM and LEGACY MEDIA, and thus, was never a secret, as Andy McCabe, the former acting FBI director, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein openly and brazenly plotted with the leaders of the so-called “Gang of 8 Conspiracy” in Washington, D.C., to subvert OUR government by having Trump’s cabinet ministers and Mike Pence invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office so Mike Pence could take over as president, instead, and this goes back to 2016 and thus is not anything new today, nor was it anything new on 6 January 2021, and in fact, it is my belief that it was the open plotting of this coup in the media by Andy McCabe, who told NBC’s “Today” show that he briefed congressional leaders and the “Gang of 8” bipartisan group of leaders on the Hill, who did not object to the COUP on legal grounds and nor on constitutional grounds, the LEADERS of the GANG OF EIGHT CONSPIRATORS involved in the COUP PLOTTING with Andy McCabe including Nancy Pelosi, of course, and Charley “Chuck” Schumer, and Addison “Mitch” McConnell, and Paul Ryan, and they brought into the COUP PLOTTING Pence, of course, who was to be the beneficiary of the COUP, along with Joe Biden, Lizzie Warren, and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R., Ill.), who called Trump “unfit” and “unwell” in remarks on Twitter, and who is now a PELOSI WITCH HUNTER, and Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.), Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D., Pa.), and Rep. Mike Doyle (D., Pa.), and Sen. Bob Casey (D., Pa.), that caused the outpouring of anger towards the capitol that resulted in the riots on 6 January 2021, just as the assassination of Caesar by the plotters resulted in riots in Rome.

For at least two years before the 2020 election, including Hillary Clinton denouncing American citizens as a “BASKET OF DEPLORABLES” if they did not cleave to her standard, and Joe Biden calling American citizens “DREGS OF SOCIETY” if they didn’t cleave to his standard, these COUP PLOTTERS were making it patently clear to the AMERICAN PEOPLE that they were doing everything in their power to remove Trump from office, including and starting with HEAPING DIRT on him to influence the 2020 election against him, which purpose they clearly accomplished.

And now, to help finish the task we are being presented with this SCRIPTED FALSE NARRATIVE which is rewriting history as it happened, which is to say, making Trump the coup plotter, instead, which is VERY SLICK POLITICS when you think about it.

And given the Cape Charles Mirror, unlike the MAIN-STREAM and LEGACY MEDIA, is aware of history, and further aware that nothing happens in a vacuum, especially in Washington, D.C. today, which so resembles Rome just before its civil war caused by the death of Caesar, we should take a moment to study that event for similarities as to what is going on today in America as these WITCH HUNTERS seek to INCITE A LYNCH MOB to go after Trump the way the Roman senators went after Caesar to butcher him with their daggers back then, where today, the daggers are the MAIN-STREAM and LEGACY MEDIA.

Going back to Rome just before its civil war, the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar began with a meeting between Cassius Longinus and his brother-in-law Marcus Brutus in the evening of 22 February 44 BC, when after some discussion the two agreed that something had to be done to prevent Caesar from becoming king of the Romans, regarding Mark Antony offering a Caesar a crown on the Feast of the Lupercale.

The two men then began to recruit others, just as McCabe and the GANG OF EIGHT CONSPIRATORS recruited others, and in the case of Caesar, while it took only one man to murder another, Brutus believed that for the assassination of Caesar to be considered a legitimate removal of a tyrant, done for the sake of their country, it must include a large number of Rome’s leading men, and that is the same rationale being employed here today with the on-going WITCH HUNTER HEARINGS on PRIMETIME TV.

As is the case today with the GANG OF EIGHT CONSPIRATORS, the conspirators to kill Caesar attempted to strike a balance, aiming to recruit enough men to surround Caesar and fight his supporters, but not so many that they would risk being discovered, although these conspirators today didn’t have to worry about being discovered, because they were always out in the open with the MAIN-STREAM and LEGACY MEDIA cheering them on and supporting them, except for the Cape Charles Mirror alone which saw through this cheap political horse**** from DAY ONE, it has been so obvious.

Like the GANG OF EIGHT CONSPIRATORS today, the conspirators to kill Caesar preferred friends to acquaintances and recruited neither reckless youths nor feeble elders, in the end, recruiting senators near the age of forty, as were they, and ancient sources report that in the end, around sixty to eighty conspirators joined the plot, with notable conspirators including Pacuvius Labeo, who answered affirmatively on 2 March when Brutus asked him whether it was wise for a man to put himself into danger if it meant overcoming evil or foolish men; Decimus Brutus, who joined on 7 March after being approached by Labeo and Cassius; Gaius Trebonius, Tillius Cimber, Minucius Basilus, and the brothers Casca (Publius and another whose name is unknown), all men from Caesar’s own ranks; and Pontius Aquila, who had been personally humiliated by Caesar, and according to Nicolaus of Damascus, the conspirators included Caesar’s soldiers, officers, and civilian associates, and while some joined the conspiracy due to concerns over Caesar’s authoritarianism, many had self-interested motives such as jealousy: feeling that Caesar had not rewarded them enough or that he had given too much money towards Pompey’s former supporters.

So, how is this CONSPIRACY in Washington today to kill off Trump, at least politically, if not literally as was the case with McKinley, which conspiracy was openly reported on in the MAIN-STREAM and LEGACY MEDIA beginning back in 2018, any different from the conspiracy to kill Caesar?

Answer: IT’S NOT!

But don’t go away and change that dial, because there is more of this PURE POLITICAL HORSE**** intended to inflame passions and emotions in order to influence the up-coming mid-terms in favor of the Democrats, so stay tuned.

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Re: Just musings, is all

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Op-Ed: Madness and Insanity in a Time of Joe Biden

This Op-Ed is special to the Mirror by Paul Plante

Before we get to the meat of the matter here, another title for this thread could have been “Joe Biden’s Ultra-MAGA Great Leap Forward,” although that title would not have truly captured the essence of the madness afoot here as contained in Joe Biden’s First Five Year Plan which we will soon be discussing; and another perhaps more proper title would have been “Joe Biden says America First to Build Back Better to Make America Great Again,” but that would have been too long a title so I condensed it down to its essence, which is insanity and madness in a time of Joe Biden, and here I am talking specifically about the “Statement from President Biden on House Passage of CHIPS and Science Act to Lower Costs, Create Good-Pay Jobs and Strengthen Our National Security,” on July 28, 2022, coupled with a Reuters article on August 3, 2022 titled “As U.S. eyes new China chip curbs, turmoil looms for global market” by Joyce Lee, both of which must be taken together to put flesh on the bones, so to speak, of the title above about madness and insanity in a time of Joe Biden, and the issue, in addition to the further disruption of the global economy caused by other Biden actions has to do with water, and the short-sightedness of the Biden administration as it sacrifices our tomarrow for political gains and expediency for the Biden administration and the Democrats today.

And here, before we go further, we have to ask ourselves this important and relevant question, the answer to which will be coming along shortly, to wit:


And that takes us to the madness and insanity of Joe Biden in his First Five-Year Plan in imitation of Joe Stalin of the Soviet Union which in turn takes us to his “Statement from President Biden on House Passage of CHIPS and Science Act to Lower Costs, Create Good-Pay Jobs and Strengthen Our National Security,” wherein Joe Biden tells the nation and the world, and us, as follows in typical shallow-thinking Joe Biden fashion as follows:

“Today, the House passed a bill that will make cars cheaper, appliances cheaper, and computers cheaper.”

“It will lower the costs of everyday goods.”

“And, it will create high-paying manufacturing jobs across the country and strengthen U.S. leadership in the industries of the future at the same time.”

Now, talk about a political propaganda coup here, people, that sounds grand and glorious, does it not, far, far better than merely a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage, which isn’t much compared to what Joe is offering us here, as Joe and the Democrats continue their efforts to build back better to make America great again by a policy of America first, which means elbowing other countries, starting with China, another hated enemy of Joe Biden and the Democrats, along with Russia, both run by “autocrats” who pose a real serious threat to our “sacred democracy” that Joe and the Democrats are champions of, out of the way of a resurgent America led forth on the world stage by Joe and Nancy Pelosi, who just returned from Taiwan where she was greeted and treated as the queen she really is as is her due.

And that in turn brings us to the Reuters article mentioned above where we learn more about the madness and insanity of Joe’s plans to reconfigure America and the world in his image as follows, to wit:

SEOUL, Aug 3 (Reuters) – Export restrictions being considered by Washington to halt China’s advances in semiconductor manufacturing could come at a substantial cost, experts say, potentially disrupting fragile global chip supply chains – and hurting U.S. businesses.

end quotes

China, people, is like a serpent in the Garden of Eden Joe and the Democrats are promising, and so it is the duty of Joe Biden today to crush the head of the serpent, for the good of the world that sorely needs the stern, guiding hand of Joe Biden to lead it into a Pax Biden that will last for a thousand years by destroying China’s economy along with the economies of Germany and Russia, but really, people, does that matter, that to make America great again by building it back better by a policy of America First, that fragile global chip supply chains would be disrupted, which would hurt U.S. businesses?

Afterall, to build back better, isn’t it first necessary to destroy what now exists in order to clear away the old and prepare the ground and pave the way towards the grand and glorious future Joe is promising us, with cars being cheaper, and appliances being cheaper, and computers being cheaper, and with the costs of everyday goods being lowered while high-paying manufacturing jobs are being created across the country and U.S. leadership in the industries of the future at the same time will be strengthened?

My goodness, who can possibly be against that?

So let’s get some more details here, as follows:

Reuters reported on Monday that the United States is considering limiting shipments of American chipmaking equipment to memory chip producers in China that make advanced semiconductors used in everything from smartphones to data centres.

end quotes

And that is the way a REAL WORLD LEADER like Joe Biden does things – grab the bull by the horns, deftly flip it over on its back, and stomp on its neck and it is done!

If Joe prevents the Chinese from getting chipmaking equipment, then the Chinese can’t make chips!

So how brilliant is the thinking of Joe Biden here, and how he has seen to the core of the matter as to what should be done to make America great again by building it back better after first destroying it by his America First policy?

But what about this “harm” thing?

Besides the Chinese, who everybody knows need to be harmed, who else is going to “get it in the neck” as a result of Joe’s America First policy here?

Let’s go back to Reuters and take a look:

The curbs would stop chipmakers like South Korean giants Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix from shipping new technology tools to factories they operate in China, preventing them from upgrading plants that serve customers around the world.

end quotes

To which, Joe says he doesn’t care, because they aren’t Americans, and they aren’t American companies, which makes them a threat to building back better America to make it great again, and so, they have got to go, too, especially because of the following, to wit:

Samsung and SK Hynix, which control more than half of the global NAND flash memory chip market, have invested heavily in China in recent decades to produce chips that are vital to customers including tech giants Apple, Amazon, Facebook owner Meta and Google.

As well as computers and phones, the chips are used in products like electric vehicles that require digital data storage.

end quotes

And look at that, people, those foreigners have gotten too greedy and too big for their britches and they are taking more than their share and besides, they are trading with Joe Biden’s enemy China, which puts our national security at risk, and so they too need their fangs pulled, which will cut them down to size where they need to be, and hey, in the end, it will all work out right and it will be not only good for America, but for tech giants Apple, Amazon, Facebook owner Meta and Google, as well.

And talking about threats to our national security that Joe Biden is going to put an end to, let’s again go back and see what Reuters has on that, as follows:

“Samsung’s China production alone accounts for more than 15% of global NAND flash production …”

end quotes

That, people, is a clear threat to our sacred democracy, having all those investments made in an autocracy, and so Joe has no other choice but to act, and to act decisively, and to act now, not tomorrow or the next day, or China will clearly win the race for the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY which can’t be allowed, period.

So what then can we expect when Joe strikes?

Here is what Reuters is telling us:

“If there’s any production disruption, it will make chip prices surge,” said Lee Min-hee, an analyst at BNK Securities.

The potential for fresh turmoil – the curbs have yet to be approved – comes just as a global chip supply shortage that has disrupted businesses from autos to consumer devices for more than a year is finally showing signs of easing.

Supply chain adjustments and weakening consumer demand amid the slowing global economy have combined to repair the damage.

But the shortage has yet to be fully resolved.

Any signs of fresh disruption could rekindle supply uncertainty, triggering a price surge – as seen earlier this year when China imposed COVID-19 restrictions in Xian where Samsung manufactures chips.

end quotes

And those high prices, of course, in a capitalistic country like ours, which Joe is going to build back better to make America great again, would serve as an incentive to make those chips here as opposed to in some foreign country that is not America, which would be good for our economy and our GDP, and some more fall-out that simply will have to be endured, because we are in a transition, people, as Peter Buttigieg says, and he would know, is as follows, to wit:

Chipmaking equipment has to be installed and fully tested months before production is due to start.

Any delay in shipping the gear to China would pose a real challenge to chipmakers as they seek to manufacture more advanced chips in China facilities.

“Many U.S. companies, like Apple, use Samsung and SK Hynix memory chips.”

“No matter what strategy (the South Korean firms) end up choosing, it will have global implications,” said BNK Securities analyst Lee.

end quotes

And that is what I am calling insanity and madness, Joe Biden single-handedly disrupting the global economy with his “Ultra-MAGA,” but on the other hand, for there to be progress, especially when building back America better by a policy of America First to make it great again in order to provide the grand and glorious future Joe is promising us, with cars being cheaper, and appliances being cheaper, and computers being cheaper, and with the costs of everyday goods being lowered while high-paying manufacturing jobs are being created across the country and U.S. leadership in the industries of the future at the same time will be strengthened, somebody else has to be hurt, and that should be these foreign upstarts who are stealing market share from American companies who should be making chips here instead of somewhere else, and so, Joe is going to make that happen, come what may.

So how much water does it take to operate a chip fab then, when Joe starts building them here?

By some estimates, a large chip fab can use up to 10 million gallons of water a day, which is equivalent to the water consumption of roughly 300,000 households and that is because each chip needs to be rinsed with ultrapure water (UPW) — water so pure that is considered an industrial solvent — to remove debris (ions, particles, silica, etc.) from the manufacturing process and prevent the chips from becoming contaminated.

So where, then, is Joe Biden going to get all that water from?

Or doesn’t he have a clue?

Stay tuned as we explore this matter further, because the future Joe is going to impact is that of ourselves, our children and grandchildren and on down the line.

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Re: Just musings, is all

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Paul Plante says:

What we are seeing above here, people, with this WITCH HUNTER HEARING on PRIMETIME TV on 28 June, 2022, as this transcript of the EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY of STAR WITNESS and WITCH HUNTER Lizzie Cheney on 28 June 2022 continues to flow forth in here, word for word for word, line by line, as it happened in Lizzie Cheney’s OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT that I quote from, thanks to the Cape Charles Mirror, and keeping well in mind that Lizzie is a candidate for president in 2024, and Trump is her sworn political enemy, and what this clearly is, is a slick scripted replay starring Lizzie Cheney as a modern-day Cicero of “Pro Tito Annio Milone ad iudicem oratio,” the speech made by Marcus Tullius Cicero in 52 BC on behalf of his friend Titus Annius Milo, who was accused of murdering his political enemy Publius Clodius Pulcher on the Via Appia.

Of interest in that case is the fact that throughout the duration of his speech, Cicero does not even attempt to convince the judges that Milo did not kill Clodius.

Cicero claims that the killing of Clodius was lawful and in self-defense.

Cicero even goes as far as to suggest that the death of Clodius was in the best interests of the republic, as the tribune was a popularis leader of the restless plebeian mobs who had plagued the political scene of the late Roman Republic.

end quotes

And that is exactly what Lizzie Cheney is doing not only in this 28 June 2022 WITCH HUNTERS HEARING TRANSCRIPT we are quoting from, but more recently and more importantly, in a CNN article with the inflammatory title of “Cheney says DOJ not prosecuting Trump if there’s evidence could call into question the US as ‘nation of laws'” by Eric Bradner on 4 August 2022, which article cites an interview Lizzie had with CNN’s Kasie Hunt, where presidential candidate Cheney, also the GOP vice chair of the House select committee investigating the events surrounding the January 6, 2021, insurrection, even though there was NO INSURRECTION, said Trump is “guilty of the most serious dereliction of duty of any president in our nation’s history” and pointed to a judge who’s said he likely committed crimes, to wit:

SHE IS DOING A SUMMATION AS TO WHY, FOR THE SAKE OF OUR FRAGILE AND SACRED DEMOCRACY, IT IS NECESSARY TO TAKE TRUMP OFF THE BOARD, PERMANENTLY, BY ANY MEANS, like Cicero having the Catiline Conspirators murdered in the night with no due process of Roman law, for the good of the “state,” as we see by going back to that CNN article, as follows:

“We’re in a situation where former President Trump has betrayed the patriotism of millions and millions of people across our country, and many people here in Wyoming, and he’s lied to them,” she said.

“And what I know to do is to tell the truth, and to make sure that people understand the truth about what happened and why it matters so much.”

Asked why she thinks voters believe Trump, Cheney added: “It’s just consistent lying about what happened about the election, playing on people’s patriotism.”

“And he’s so dangerous that, you know, my view is that at the end of the day, if defending the Constitution against the threat that he poses means losing a House seat, then that’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make.”

“I don’t intend to lose.”

“But some things are more important than any individual office or political campaign.”

Cheney would not discuss her political plans after this month’s primary.

But she said she will do “whatever is necessary” to keep Trump from becoming the GOP presidential nominee for a third consecutive election in 2024.

She said she intends to be “a big part of making sure that we protect the nation” from Trump, whether she wins reelection or not.

end quotes

Lizzie has top-notch screen writers working for her who are well experienced in writing scripts for soap opera dramas for television audiences, writing her lines, above here, which takes us from Lizzie’s excoriation (censure or criticize severely) of Trump courtesy of CNN, back to Cicero defending Milo, to wit:

Clodius is made out repeatedly in the Pro Milone to be a malevolent, invidious, effeminate character who craves power and organises the ambush on Milo.

Cicero gives Clodius a motive for setting a trap: the realisation that Milo would easily secure the consulship and so stand in the way of Clodius’ scheme to attain greater power and influence as a praetor.

Fortunately, there was plentiful material for Cicero to build that profile, such as the Bona Dea incident in 62 BC; involving Clodius stealing into the abode of the Pontifex Maximus of the time, Julius Caesar, during the ritual festival of the Bona Dea to which only women were allowed.

It is said that he dressed up as a woman to gain access and pursue an illicit affair with Pompeia, the wife of Caesar.

Clodius was taken to the law courts for this act of great impiety but escaped the punishment of death by bribing the judges, most of whom had been poor, according to Cicero, who was the prosecutor during the case.

Earlier in his career, Lucullus had accused Clodius of committing incest with his sister Claudia and then Lucullus’s wife; this allegation is mentioned several times to blacken Clodius’ reputation.

Milo, on the other hand, is perpetually depicted as a “saviour of Rome” by his virtuous actions and political career up until then.

end quotes

And such is Lizzie Cheney treating Trump in the 4 August 2022 CNN article where she and the WITCH HUNTERS and Cassidy Hutchinson are depicted as “SAVIORS OF OUR SACRED DEMOCRACY, while Trump is made out repeatedly in the “Pro Milone Revisited” of Lizzie Cheney on 28 June 2022 to be a malevolent, invidious, effeminate character with small hands who throws dishes at the wall of the presidential dining room and throws tantrums where he pulls all the dishes off the table by yanking on the tablecloth, which makes extra work for Cassidy Hutchinson, who has to clean the mess up, and who craves power and organized the ambush on Joe Biden and Mike Pence on 6 January 2021, in what is being called an insurrection, even though it wasn’t.

And here is where Catiline Revisited enters into the picture with regard to Lizzie Cheney taking Trump off the board by any means possible, justifying her actions in that regard by relying on a Hearst Journal editorial which declared, “If bad institutions and bad men can be got rid of only by killing, the killing must be done,” which justification arguably goes back to the trial of Milo and the early part of the refutation by Cicero of the opposition’s arguments (refutatio), wherein is contained the first known exposition of the phrase “silent enim leges inter arma” (“in times of war, the laws fall silent”), which since has been rephrased as “inter arma enim silent leges,” and was most recently used by the American media in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, and today, it is being used again to justify the removal of Trump from American politics by any means necessary.

So not only was the phrase integral to Cicero’s argument in defense of Milo, it is also integral to Lizzie Cheney’s efforts using these WITCH HUNTERS HEARINGS to remove her political enemy Trump from the board, permanently, precisely because “in times of war,” and let’s face it, we are in a time of political war right now leading us closer and closer to civil war, the laws fall silent, which is what this thread is all about, documenting that as it happens.

And let me make an important point here as we inch our way towards November of 2022, and the up-coming mid-terms where the Democrat grip on our national government is threatened, and that is this, to wit:

Support of Constitutional Due Process of Law for Donald Trump, as odious (extremely unpleasant; repulsive) a person as he might be, which like beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, IS NOT the same as support for Donald Trump.

Support of Constitutional due process of law for Donald Trump is support for RULE OF LAW, as opposed to RULE OF THE LYNCH MOB Lizzie Cheney, a presidential aspirant herself in 2024, the WITCH HUNTERS and their enablers in the MAIN-STREAM and LEGACY MEDIA are trying to incite with these TELEVISED WITCH HUNTER hearings on PRIMETIME TV, along with inflammatory press releases by WITCH HUNTERS like Lizzie Cheney, to promote their own toxic political agenda, which takes us back to that CNN article with the inflammatory title of “Cheney says DOJ not prosecuting Trump if there’s evidence could call into question the US as ‘nation of laws'” by Eric Bradner on 4 August 2022, and in turn raises this important question, to wit:


And for that answer, let’s go to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute, where we have as follows on that subject, to wit:

Procedural due process refers to the constitutional requirement that when the federal government acts in such a way that denies a citizen of a life, liberty, or property interest, the person must be given notice, the opportunity to be heard, and a decision by a neutral decision-maker.

Procedural due process is one of two of the components of due process, with the other being substantive due process.

Due Process Clause

In the U.S. Constitution, the phrase “due process” appears twice: in the Fifth Amendment and in the Fourteenth Amendment.

Both Amendments guarantee due process when someone is denied “life, liberty, or property.”

A list of procedures that due process requires, at least in theory, because as we are seeing with these WITCH HUNTER HEARINGS and the history of COUP PLOTTING by Trump’s many enemies in Washington. D.C. in the years prior to 6 January 2021, when politics are involved, legal theory and RULE OF LAW and CONSTITUTIONAL SAFEGUARDS all go out the window, includes as follows:

* An unbiased tribunal.

* Notice of the proposed action and the grounds asserted for it.

* Opportunity to present reasons why the proposed action should not be taken.

* The right to present evidence, including the right to call witnesses.

* The right to know opposing evidence.

* The right to cross-examine adverse witnesses.

* A decision based exclusively on the evidence presented.

* Opportunity to be represented by counsel.

* Requirement that the tribunal prepare a record of the evidence presented.

* Requirement that the tribunal prepare written findings of fact and reasons for its decision.

end quotes

And from the CNN article with the inflammatory title of “Cheney says DOJ not prosecuting Trump if there’s evidence could call into question the US as ‘nation of laws'” by Eric Bradner on 4 August 2022, and all of what has preceded in this thread, the very first thing we see Trump being deprived of by Lizzie Cheney and the WITCH HUNTERS is the “unbiased tribunal,” because we have heard Lizzie say it with her own mouth in the CNN article quoted above that Trump is guilty plain and simple and it is now time for Joe Biden’s attorney general Merrick Garland to put the noose around Trump’s neck and hang him high, because Lizzie knows he is guilty, which takes us to the indisputable fact that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and UNLAWFUL for the house of representatives and Lizzie Cheney and the WITCH HUNTERS to usurp the duties of a grand jury and arrogate unto themselves that power, it being known as ATTAINDER in violation Article I, Section 9, Clause 3, “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed,” so when Lizzie makes it clear in the 4 August 2022 CNN article that the WITCH HUNTERS COMMITTEE is indeed acting just like any Grand Jury in our legal system,” what that clearly tells us is that Lizzie condones UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS by these WITCH HUNTERS, and with that said, let us close this out with a teaching moment, as follows:

“Bills of attainder . . . are such special acts of the legislature, as inflict capital punishments upon persons supposed to be guilty of high offences, such as treason and felony, without any conviction in the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.”

“If an act inflicts a milder degree of punishment than death, it is called a bill of pains and penalties.”

“In such cases, the legislature assumes judicial magistracy, pronouncing upon the guilt of the party without any of the common forms and guards of trial, and satisfying itself with proofs, when such proofs are within its reach, whether they are conformable to the rules of evidence, or not.”

“In short, in all such cases, the legislature exercises the highest power of sovereignty, and what may be properly deemed an irresponsible despotic discretion, being governed solely by what it deems political necessity or expediency, and too often under the influence of unreasonable fears, or unfounded suspicions.”

The phrase “bill of attainder,” as used in this clause and in clause 1 of § 10, applies to bills of pains and penalties as well as to the traditional bills of attainder.

The prohibition embodied in this clause is not to be narrowly construed in the context of traditional forms but is to be interpreted in accordance with the designs of the framers so as to preclude trial by legislature, which would violate the separation of powers.

The clause thus prohibits all legislative acts, “no matter what their form, that apply either to named individuals or to easily ascertainable members of a group in such a way as to inflict punishment on them without a judicial trial.”

end quotes

And with that in the record, let’s take a pause for station identification so you can get to the fridge for some munchies and get comfortably settled again, at which time we will be back with more of the show coming to us live from Washington, D.C., the famous “Ten Miles Square” which is the seat of Joe Biden’s government, and the place of residence for Joe and the great officers of state including Nancy Pelosi and Charley “Chuck” Schumer and Lizzie Cheney, where the court of Joe Biden, who possesses the powers of a monarch, is observed of that of a monarch — ambition with idleness — baseness with pride — the thirst of riches without labour — aversion to truth — flattery — treason — perfidy — violation of engagements — contempt of civil duties — hope from the magistrate’s weakness; but above all, the perpetual ridicule of virtue.

So please, stay tuned!

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Re: Just musings, is all

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Paul Plante says:

And before we go further here with respect to the chaos the autocrat Joe Biden is getting set to unleash upon the world as part of his “Ultra-MAGA Great Leap Forward” as embodied in Joe’s First Five Year Plan now known to history as “Joe Biden’s America First Plan to Build America Back Better to Make America Great Again,” this as the autocrat Joe continues to grow our economy from the bottom up and middle out for working families all across the country, which is something we should all be for, because it is the right thing to do, and as we continue to follow the science, for today, science is our god and we truly worship it as a deity, it is necessary for all of us to understand and accept the fact that today, at this point of inflection which is really a transition to a new and better age on earth as a result of Joe Biden’s “BUILD BACK BETTER WORLD” Joe told us and the candid world about in his “Remarks by President Biden Before the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly” on September 21, 2021 at United Nations Headquarters in New York, New York at 10:01 A.M. EDT, we truly need Joe Biden not only as an autocrat in the United States of America, but more than that, the autocrat of the world, because at this inflection point in history, it is very apparent to everybody that democracy in the United States of America does not work anymore, precisely because democracy requires consensus, which in today’s polarized country, where Joe Biden considers a majority of the citizens to be “DREGS OF SOCIETY,” is not going to happen, so that Joe Biden wasting time trying to muster consensus simply takes too long in this fast-moving world, where Joe Biden intends to win the RACE FOR THE 21st CENTURY, which makes it clear to a blind man that only autocracies today are equipped to meet the extraordinary challenges of modern times, which is why God blessed us with Joe Biden as our autocrat to lead us forth into a grand and glorious future of his making, with Joe Biden’s Washington, D.C. being seen by all the world and us too as a SHINING CITY ON A HILL because it is the CITY OF JOE!

And with that understood and accepted, that Joe Biden is an autocrat because we need him to be, which means we want him to be, which gives him his mandate to be an autocrat blessed by the people whose lives he now rules over, to see the truly global scope of Joe Biden’s vision that leads us forth from the benighted ignorance of the Trump years in America into the light of a brand new day, the first day of the Biden Thousand Year Reich, and in turn brings us to this very moment in time, we need to go back to Joe’s “Remarks by President Biden Before the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly” on September 21, 2021 at United Nations Headquarters in New York, New York, where we have the global vision of Joe Biden’s “ULTRA-MAGA GREAT LEAP FORWARD” laid out for us in terms a common person without a JD from Harvard could understand, because in his heart, Joe is a die-hard Union man who knows in his heart the plight of the working classes in America, to wit:

Simply put: We stand, in my view, at an inflection point in history.

And I’m here today to share with you how the United States intends to work with partners and allies to answer these questions and the commitment of my new administration to help lead the world toward a more peaceful, prosperous future for all people.

Instead of continuing to fight the wars of the past, we are fixing our eyes on devoting our resources to the challenges that hold the keys to our collective future: ending this pandemic; addressing the climate crisis; managing the shifts in global power dynamics; shaping the rules of the world on vital issues like trade, cyber, and emerging technologies; and facing the threat of terrorism as it stands today.

end quotes

And today, in this thread, the focus will be on Joe Biden as AUTOCRAT OF THE WORLD writing the rules of the world on vital issues like trade and emerging technologies, which is what this Reuters article we shall be getting back to shortly is all about – Joe Biden writing those rules as if he were in fact the ruler of the world, as opposed to a deluded pretender.

Going back to Joe’s “Remarks by President Biden Before the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly” on September 21, 2021 at United Nations Headquarters in New York, New York, Joe went further into his vision of world domination by the United States under his command, as follows:

We will pursue new rules of global trade and economic growth that strive to level the playing field so that it’s not artificially tipped in favor of any one country at the expense of others and every nation has a right and the opportunity to compete fairly.

end quote

ANTI-DOG EAT DOG LEGISLATION, people, from straight out of “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand who saw Joe Biden coming many, many years ago, and wrote about it in a very misunderstood novel that was a look into the future we are arriving at now.

Joe Biden’s ANTI-DOG-EAT-DOG RULE for the micro-chip industry is the logical result of a mixed economy, one in the process of rejecting capitalism.

And as far as Joe the Autocrat is concerned, when the government has the power to control and regulate private business, it’s in a position to dispense economic favors, and in power politics at the level Joe Biden plays the game, that is what the game is all about, having economic favors to dispense, so to make that happen, Joe is going to dominate weaker countries, whether by force, as he is doing with Russia, or economic coercion, or technological exploitation, as Joe is doing here, or disinformation.

So without further adieu, let us go back to the Reuters article on August 3, 2022 titled “As U.S. eyes new China chip curbs, turmoil looms for global market” by Joyce Lee, where we have further as follows concerning the madness, insanity and chaos the autocrat Joe is about to unleash upon the world, to wit:

In Samsung’s memory chip operation in Xian, central China, one of the largest foreign chip projects in the country, the company has invested a total of about $26 billion since it broke ground on the site in 2012, including chip production as well as testing and packaging.

end quotes

And that is why Joe Biden’s ANTI DOG-EAT-DOG LEGISLATION for the chip industry in America is so vital, because that dog in China is clearly too big, while these dogs in America are too small, which requires Joe Biden to step in and level the playing field which takes us back to Reuters, to wit:

The tech giant makes 128-layer NAND flash products in Xian, analysts said, chips that store data in devices such as smartphones and personal computers, as well as in data centres.

The facility accounts for 43% of Samsung’s global NAND flash memory production capacity and 15% of the overall global output capacity, according to TrendForce late last year.

The U.S. crackdown, if approved, could also complicate SK Hynix’s ambition to expand its presence in the NAND market where it is ranked third as of first quarter behind Samsung and Japan’s Kioxia Holdings, which was spun out of Toshiba Corp.

SK Hynix completed late last year the first phase of its $9 billion purchase of Intel’s NAND business, including its Dalian, China NAND manufacturing facility.


The move being considered by the United States is one of several recent signs of deepening tensions between Beijing and Washington over the tech sector.

Congress last week approved legislation to subsidise semiconductor production in the United States.

It bars any company that receives federal subsidies from investing in certain chip technology in China during the subsidy period.

The deepening tensions could leave Samsung and SK Hynix having to review strategies on China investments, analysts and industry sources said.

“Until now, companies tended to invest in countries like China, where costs were cheap,” said Kim Yang-jae, analyst at Daol Investment & Securities.

“That’s no longer going to be the only consideration.”

“The biggest change these potential limits will bring will be where the next chip factories are built.”

They could also face potentially diminishing returns from their multi-billion dollar China plants, which could be stuck making older-technology, less lucrative chips.

SK Hynix has not been able to upgrade its DRAM memory chip production facilities in Wuxi, China with the latest extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) chipmaking machines made by Dutch firm ASML as U.S. officials do not want advanced equipment used in the process to enter the country.

The EUV machines are used to make more advanced and smaller chips that are used in high-end devices such as smartphones.

end quotes

As Joe said in “Remarks by President Biden Before the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly” on September 21, 2021 at United Nations Headquarters in New York, New York, as to his vision of world domination by the United States under his command: That’s the idea behind the Build Back Better World.

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Re: Just musings, is all

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Paul Plante says:

And before we go back to the transcript, where WITCH HUNTER and presidential aspirant Lizzie Cheney is giving EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY on PRIMETIME TV on 28 June 2022 about Trump and the 25th Amendment, to see this ATTAINDER TRAIN the WITCH HUNTERS are riding on with Lizzie Cheney as their Casey Jones as they stir up a LYNCH MOB MENTALITY with respect to Trump, as well as to see the grip STAR WITNESS Cassidy Hutchinson now has on our collective futures, we need to go to an article in The Guardian, a Brit publication, titled “Time is running out. The Department of Justice must indict and convict Trump” by Laurence H Tribe on 4 August 2022, wherein Larry, who teaches law, you know, at Harvard, I think it is, argues eloquently that Trump is a special case who does not deserve due process of law, as follows:

The attorney general, Merrick Garland, knows that the fish always rots from the head.

On 26 July, the Washington Post broke news that the justice department’s investigation is focused on Donald Trump himself.

Time is of the essence in bringing his case to indictment.

Indeed, a moving target who gives every indication that he plans to strike again must trigger a different cost-benefit calculus in the inevitable debates both within and outside the justice department about when enough proof has been gathered to indict responsibly – and when it would be a dereliction of duty to delay further.

end quotes

And what Larry is doing there is channeling Nancy Pelosi as quoted in a Politico article titled “Pelosi vetoes Banks, Jordan for Jan. 6 select committee” by Olivia Beavers, Heather Caygle and Nicholas Wu, as follows:

“The unprecedented nature of January 6th demands this unprecedented decision.”

end quote

And as Lizzie Cheney clearly stated in that CNN article with the inflammatory title of “Cheney says DOJ not prosecuting Trump if there’s evidence could call into question the US as ‘nation of laws’” by Eric Bradner on 4 August 2022, “And he’s (Trump) so dangerous that, you know, my view is that at the end of the day, if defending the Constitution against the threat that he poses means losing a House seat, then that’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make,” which makes it patently clear that Trump is not entitled to due process of law and should be made a special case, as Larry Tribe is so eloquently arguing to the Brits in The Guardian.

And credit where credit is due, when it comes to trying to knock Trump, a popularis leader of the restless plebeian mobs who plagued the political scene of Washington. D.C., out of the saddle as a political threat to the Democrats, Larry Tribe is no Johnny-Come-Lately to the game.

Far to the contrary, we first come across the name of Larry Tribe in an NBC News article tiled “Democrats’ investigative dreams to meet cold, hard congressional reality – Democrats conducting presidential oversight will soon have legal authority to demand answers from the Trump administration. That doesn’t mean they’ll get them” by Rebecca Shabad on Nov. 12, 2018, where we learned as follows about the political war the Democrats intended to wage against Trump, wasting our tax dollars in the process, to wit:

WASHINGTON — When Democrats take control of the House next year, they will find themselves with new powers to investigate and embarrass the Trump administration.


Democrats will also have the subpoena power in their arsenal — and, based on their efforts in this congressional term, they’re itching to use it.

During Trump’s presidency so far, congressional Republicans have blocked more than 52 subpoena requests by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, including requests for documents related to everything from alleged housing abuses by the company run by presidential son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner’s family to the Justice Department’s refusal to defend Obamacare in court.

But just because they can now issue subpoenas doesn’t mean they will necessarily issue as many as some voters may expect — or that they can count on getting the information they’re looking for anytime soon.

“Subpoena power is interesting,” Pelosi said at a recent CNN event.

“To use it, or not to use it?”

“It’s a great arrow to have in your quiver in terms of negotiating on other subjects.”

“But getting back to what we will do, what we will do is exercise oversight, which is the responsibility of the Congress of the United States, exercise oversight over the agencies of government, which this administration has completely walked away from.”

Laurence Tribe, constitutional law professor at Harvard, cautioned this week that the subpoena power wasn’t a magical one.

“Hate to say it, but counting on a Democratic House’s subpoenas to unlock all the secrets of this corrupt administration could prove naïve,” he tweeted.

“A Trumpified judiciary, expanded further with the Senate’s acquiescence, might let the Trumpsters stonewall.”

“So democracy remains endangered.”

end quotes

So to his credit, Larry Tribe’s visceral hatred of Trump is not anything new, which means Larry is not jumping on the ATTAINDER TRAIN now just to get some cheap publicity, which takes us to THE CAPE CHARLES MIRROR December 6, 2018 at 8:31 pm (Opinion: Making it Up as they Go
NOVEMBER 11, 2018 http://www.capecharlesmirror.com/news/o ... ent-103077 ) where we have more Larry Tribe, as follows:

“My view, which represents the decisive majority opinion, is that President Trump can be impeached for conduct before he took office if there is an exceptionally close connection between that conduct and his acquisition of the office,” Joshua Matz, an author of To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment, told the Washington Examiner.

end quotes

The “decisive majority opinion?”

Of what?

His bowling buddies?

And who exactly is this Joshua Matz, besides an author of a To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment?

And actually, for the sake of veracity all around, I checked out the book on Amazon and it was really written by Laurence Tribe, with Matz as a co-author, and the review of the book is quite informative, as follows, starting with this very line, to wit:.

The definitive book on presidential impeachment and how it should be used today.

end quotes

So we can safely say that Larry Tribe has been one of the conspirators to remove Trump as a political opponent by any and every means possible for many years now, so that his editorial in The Guardian calling for a different standard of justice for Trump is just what we would expect to hear from Larry, which takes us back to The Guardian, as follows:

The former president’s insistence that he has nothing to be remorseful about (other than not marching to the Capitol) makes that debate seem academic.

And the steps being taken at his behest even now in battleground states to replace 2020’s failure with 2024’s success redouble the urgency.

Shakespeare’s Brutus had it right when he said, in Julius Caesar: “We must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”

end quotes

And how apt it was there for Larry to quote from Brutus, one of the conspirators who murdered Julius Caesar by butchering him with a dagger.

Afterall, as a Hearst Journal editorial once declared, “If bad institutions and bad men can be got rid of only by killing, the killing must be done,” and “in times of war, the laws fall silent,” which takes us back to Larry Tribe in The Guardian, to wit:

In these circumstances, prudence counsels running the clock backwards to set clear benchmarks for moving forward.

Any calculation of how to proceed must start with two pessimistic premises.

First, that Trump will run in 2024 and could win.

Second, that if any of the likely Republican nominees wins, the next administration will be one that is eager to scrap any prosecution of the last.

Hence, the goal must be to secure a conviction before November 2024, and in any event, no later than 20 January 2025, when the next presidential term begins.

end quotes

Political expediency governs here, people!

Trump isn’t really human, he is more of an animal, so he should not get the same equal protection a real human being would be entitled to, especially since Trump could beat Joe Biden or any other Democrat in 2024, which is why Trump needs to be taken off the board today, period, which takes us back to Larry Tribe in The Guardian, to wit:

If Trump is not formally charged until January 2023, that would imply a multi-month trial starting in September or October.

Should he run for president and win in November, we would have a president-elect in the middle of a criminal trial.

Part of why a lengthy post-indictment/pre-verdict period is foreseeable is that federal district courts are bound to protect an accused’s rights to full airing of pre-trial claims and the time needed to file and argue them.

Trump will have many pre-trial claims, setting out his serial and inexhaustible list of grievances, the imagined violation of his rights, his purported immunity from prosecution as a former president and the overriding unfairness of it all.

Some district court judges more than others will balance protections for the accused with accountability’s pragmatic need for speed.

Importantly, even the four Trump-appointed district court judges in DC have often shown little sympathy for those charged with perpetrating the events of January 6 or resisting their investigation.

The point is that if Trump were to be indicted, the Department of Justice cannot count on a favorable judge putting it on a jet stream to an actual trial.

So what does that mean for precisely when Trump must be formally indicted?

Thankfully, it doesn’t imply the impossible.

The Department of Justice could pull an experienced prosecutor or two from every US attorney’s office and put them together on the case.

With all stops pulled, prosecutors still have time to do what is needed before year end.

The tasks include talking to key witnesses that the January 6 House committee interviewed and deposed, which is well under way.

Cassidy Hutchinson, principal aide to Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadow, and Vice-President Mike Pence’s top aides, Marc Short and Greg Jacobs, are now working with the Department of Justice or appearing before its grand jury.

Cooperation is already reported to have begun among the lawyer-enablers of Trump’s coup plotting.

With the investigation’s accelerating aim at Trump, every potential target’s defense counsel has surely discussed with the target the advantages of an early offer to plead guilty and cooperate.

Early birds get better worms.

The task ahead is massive, but if attacked with supreme urgency, it can get done.

The building blocks for a trial of Donald Trump must be put into place with alacrity.

In no case more than this one, the perfect cannot be the enemy of the good.

The clock is ticking.

end quotes

And there we have it, people!

Cassidy Hutchinson is not a person to get on the bad side of, as Trump is now finding out.

And when we return from station identification, it will be to find Lizzie Cheney and her STAR WITNESS Cassidy Hutchinson testifying as follows, so don’t touch that dial, to wit:

LIZ CHENEY: On the evening of January 6th and the day after the President’s family and his senior staff and others tried to encourage the President to condemn the violence and commit to the peaceful transition of power.

At 3:31 p.m. on January 6th, Sean Hannity of Fox News texted Mark Meadows.

Mr. Hannity said quote, “Can he make a statement.”

“I saw the tweet.”

“Ask people to leave the [Capitol].”

Later that evening Mr. Hannity sent another text message to Mark Meadows.

This time he shared a link to a tweet.

That tweet reported that President Trump’s cabinet secretaries were considering invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office.

As you can see on the screen, the 25th Amendment to the Constitution creates a process for the transition of power if a President is unfit or unable to serve.

The 25th Amendment has never been used to remove a President.

But the committee has learned that after the attack on the US Capitol this was being discussed by members of President Trump’s cabinet as a way of stripping the full power of the presidency from Donald Trump.

President Trump’s supporters were worried.

In addition to the tweet that he sent Mark Meadows after the attack, Sean Hannity apparently spoke with President Trump and warned him about what could happen.

We understand that this text message that Sean Hannity sent to Kayleigh McEnany on January 7th shows what Mr. Hannity said to the President.

First, no more stolen election talk.

Second, impeachment and 25th amendment are real.

Many people will quit.

Ms. Hutchinson, you told us that you were hearing about discussions related to the 25th amendment.

Here’s part of what you said.

[Begin Videotape]

CASSIDY HUTCHINSON: Mr. Trump had every chance to have the conversation with Mr. Meadows in case he hadn’t heard the discussions amongst cabinet secretaries.

And from what I understand, it was more of a — this is what I’m hearing.

I want you to be aware of it, but I also think it’s worth putting on your radar because you are the Chief of Staff.

You’re technically the boss of all the cabinet secretaries.

And, you know, if the conversations progressed you should be ready to take action on this.

I — I’m concerned for you and your positioning with this.

Reach out to me if you have any questions or, like, if I can be helpful with you at all.

[End Videotape]

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